This Week in Politics

Herman Cain's long week battling previous sexual harassment allegations.
3:36 | 11/06/11

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-- special Sunday feature now. -- and -- called takes us through this long strange week in politics. -- proving -- still looking like he's having the time of his life. Still on top of the polls. This -- the end of the week we would've thought would have sunk any presidential candidate. Just think back to how would all story. -- -- -- Politico story based entirely on anonymous sources was explosive. Two unnamed women it said accuse -- of sexual harassment when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. -- called the story a witch hunt. I have never -- arrested one. And those accusations. Are totally false. And -- cash settlement RM on aware. Of Minnesota settlement are hoping what the much. Because I didn't do it -- a few hours after that his memory was again improving. That was a financial settlement. And it was somewhere in the vicinity. To -- says six months' severance pay pressed on why he changed his story -- parked words. The word settlement. Vs the word agreement. You know I'm not sure what they call that where have we heard talk like that it depends upon what the meaning of the word news. Even -- friends were troubled. -- -- Herman Cain and parsing. Words and to -- and clintonian -- -- well. It wasn't intended to be claimed -- as she asks McCain campaign lashed out Rick Perry. Blaming him without evidence for spreading the story in the first place. Rick Perry needs to apologize to Herman Cain and quite frankly to America not happening. No apology needed we found out about this the same time and I suppose the rest of America found out about it. And routed all -- stayed in Washington. -- front runner getting more and more irritated by the -- and served -- well we're live. Lawyer for one of -- accusers says that she is standing behind the cleanest mr. -- and knows this specific incidents that -- lists. -- -- do you think. Well why -- -- -- still statistically tied with Mitt Romney leading the pack. There were other things happening this week that Rick -- speech in New Hampshire. So animated gestures so exaggerated. It became a YouTube sensation. And reducing the bests finally it's trending. -- anonymous accusers and sources dominated the week's news in the world still doesn't know their names. Mark block down last week's Internet sensation has a rough week he's even agreed to stop smoking. If McCain wins. Mitt Romney -- sideways what else another top ten worst seems to go down but Romney still doesn't go -- Down the NRA. Now at NRA the National Restaurant Association. May be too much hospitality. Give me excuse me -- this week in politics and Jonathan Karl.

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{"id":14891921,"title":"This Week in Politics","duration":"3:36","description":"Herman Cain's long week battling previous sexual harassment allegations.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-politics-14891921","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}