This Week in Politics

Newt Gingrich stays on top, while Herman Cain bows out.
3:55 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for This Week in Politics
The presidential race new proof the ground has once again shifted look at the new Des Moines Register poll. Newt Gingrich is on top with 25%. Ron Paul in second place with 18%. In third place Mitt Romney at 16%. 11% remain undecided. The other candidates all in single digits the poll marks a new stage in the campaign just one month before the all important Iowa Caucuses. And here as always to guide us through the political jungle is our man John call -- this week in politics. -- was the week it started to look like Mitt Romney could actually lose. Just look at the cover of time magazine. Or ask Newt Gingrich I want -- Vietnam. And as it's very hard not to look at the recent polls and -- That the odds are very high and will be the nominee. Maybe maybe not. Romney's week started with this blast from the DNC this. On Tuesday you once again brushed off questions from reporters. At a press -- press conference is almost -- Not true Romney has had only six -- mill buildings over the past two months he's refused interviews with time magazine in the New York Times. And hasn't done -- Sunday show and almost two years. He's even spent less time on Fox News in any of the others you're wrong Brett I don't know -- -- that nobody finally sat down with Fox's -- -- on Wednesday he's got ugly. Your critics. Charge that you make decisions based on political expedience. And not core conviction how can voters trust. What they hear from you today. He's what you will believe. If you win the White House -- -- your list is just about accurate. So one we're gonna have to be better informed about my views on issues Romney grew more and more irritated this unusual interview. Let's do it again. Yes he's much more confident Newt Gingrich feeling like and celebrity. I did know lobbying of any kind period. For a practical reason I was charging 60000 dollars a speech. And the number speeches was going up not down celebrities leave and they gradually sell fewer speeches everywhere selling more. But this week Ron Paul -- is knew who is the biggest flip flop -- of all. Hitting him with brutal web video -- embarrassment or harm he's flipped and flopped based on who's paying him yes. This was the week the once high flying Herman Cain called it quits I am -- bending. Ma presidential campaign. Because -- continue. Distraction. The latest allegations this time a thirteen year affair proved to be to march but the -- have already been coming off. -- plummeting from -- front running 23 points in Iowa in October to single digits. That brings us is trending up retail sales in the stock market. Down the unemployment rate but in part because more than 200000 people stopped looking for work. Down Rick -- again -- doesn't seem to know the voting age or -- Election Day those commuter will be 21. And by November the twelfth man. I ask for your support and your vote up Ron Paul gaining ground in Iowa and emerging is Newt's toughest critic. Down and out Herman Cain meets with his wife and calls it quits -- -- yes. -- this week in politics I'm Jonathan Karl.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Newt Gingrich stays on top, while Herman Cain bows out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"15082512","title":"This Week in Politics ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-politics-15082512"}