This Week in Politics

Newt Gingrich faces fire on the campaign trail and the debate stage.
3:34 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for This Week in Politics
Here in the United States all eyes are on Iowa with six Republican presidential candidates did battle in the ABC news debate last night. The showdown was the Kia highlighted this week in politics and of course -- man don't call was there to take us through the highs and the lows. Newt Gingrich said he would stay positive. But when Mitt Romney suggested he was a career politician. Gingrich couldn't resist let's be -- The only reason you didn't become a career politician as you lost a Teddy Kennedy in 1994. -- -- eyewitness. Gingrich took fire from everyone on the stage stockman said he was no different than Mitt Romney on the big issues. If you look at new Romney they were four. This 700 billion dollar bailout you just heard new Romney is also with Obama on the issue of a key role extension. He and I are not clones are promise I -- The oddest moment of the debate you referred individual management brand you -- that before -- You're sitting well it was true then got out and his -- now -- 101000 dollar bet. I'm not in the -- business. Romney probably would've won that bad but who -- 101000. Dollars shouldn't even. For the debate this was the week Gingrich became target number one there was Ron Paul's blistering attack ad accusing -- Of serial hypocrisy. Is demonstrating itself to be a very essence of the Washington insiders. From the Romney super -- to Gingrich record thirty years in Washington. Flip flopping on issues and from Romney himself. On the -- of the same woman for forty -- it. I can -- for 42 years. Not so subtle reminder that Gingrich is the guy who has been married three times. Iowa so they say it comes down to the ground game how's that looking. You want evidence that Romney has not taken off here in Iowa look no further -- in Iowa State headquarters they won't let -- stand. We're looking in. There's not been doing. -- Gingrich headquarters we found them still setting up. Where's the energy with Ron Paul. His office is smaller but buzzing with activity -- justice -- for President Obama he took a populist turn this week with a speech in Kansas. Even if he seemed to forget for a moment where he was great to -- but. In the state tax -- The campus he was at no loss of words however. When asked to respond to Republicans who say -- Ask Osama bin Laden and point two out of thirty top -- Qaeda leaders have been taken off the field. Whether or engage and appeasement. -- -- -- -- He's peaking at just the right time. Donald Trump our -- he offers to host a debate in Iowa in almost all the candidates turning down Rick Perry can own another -- -- that Supreme Court justice. Not not a -- Mark Martin Brodeur. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Document up the debate her best day since the Ames straw poll. -- was hoping for Newt Gingrich to implode last night. -- sorely disappointed he faced his first debate as the prime target of everybody -- attacks and Christiane he emerged unscathed.

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{"id":15132613,"title":"This Week in Politics ","duration":"3:34","description":"Newt Gingrich faces fire on the campaign trail and the debate stage.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-politics-15132613","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}