'This Week' Powerhouse Roundtable II

Matthew Dowd, David Plouffe, Ana Navarro and Kristen Soltis Anderson discuss Tuesdays' primaries, the Tea Party, and November's midterms.
5:14 | 05/25/14

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Transcript for 'This Week' Powerhouse Roundtable II
For 5 1/2 years the powers that be in Washington have treated the people of this state with contempt. And tonight, I have a simple message for all of them -- those days are numbered. Yeah, oh, you're going to get Washington powers that be. I feel sorry for the person representing Kentucky for the past 30 years. If Mitch Mcconnell catches a sign of that guy in a mirror it's on. Stephen Colbert having some fun. With the Mitch Mcconnell victory this week. Ana, I want to start with you and read you one of what your fellow tables . What he treated this week. Matthew dowd tweeted this week -- the Oakland a's lost the world series but changed the game with moneyball. Tea party might have lost some elections but have changed the gop. Would you agree with that? Did they change the gop? Of course, you lose me completely with baseball metaphors. I think it has been a painful growing process. But I think this has been a very good week for the republican party, because we are bringing candidates out of the primaries that are actually electable. The democrats are going to have to have a much tougher time that -- beating folks who are not Murdoch. Who can put on very able general campaigns. Okay, Matt, explain your tweet, the baseball metaphor for some people. The metaphor is, basically, you can win by losing. The Oakland a's ended up losing the championship series but ended up winning because most people in baseball adopted it. I think the republican party because of the tea party, the gop in general, has moved more to the right and has adopted the principles. There's not much difference anymore between tea party people and the establishment people. They have almost become one. Oh, Matt, tell that to the tea party. This has been a very different -- this has been two very different factions going at each other. And for a very long time, the main stream republicans just sat there and took the pummelling. What we saw this week, they woke up finally and they fought back and when they fought back they won. I don't get the celebration. Okay. Of course you don't. They're not witches and defenders of rape. Let's look at these candidates. Let's look at 2016. Different electorate, battle ground states, all against immigration reform, all denying climate change, all against gay marriage, all against funding things like jobs. They're not going to win the emerging part of the electorate. I think Matt makes a very good point. Well -- Leading candidates coming out of the last primary -- Rick Perry, Jeb bush, Marco Rubio -- I think what's most exciting is that a lot of LE clearly learned, you have to earn it. You have to show up. If you want to win the U.S. Senate, pick up enough seats to take the majority, you can't just take for granted that you're going to win seats. In states where the seat is winnable in potentially say, Oregon, we put up a safe candidate. In Nebraska, you have an exciting sort of tea party candidate who may become a rising star in the party. In Ben fast. Let's go to the house race everyone was watching this week and it was Pennsylvania's 13th district, where Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law ran and lost despite the help of Hillary Clinton. She even held a fund-raiser on her behalf. What happened there? And what does this tell us? I think they helped out due to family obligation. You have to help the mother in law. She represented that district 20 years ago. So, lots has changed. A strong democratic candidate. I don't think it says anything about Clinton coattails. Matt, I want you to talk about president Obama tapping Julian Castro to lead the housing and urban development. Okay, I don't understand why Julian Castro would do it. When you become a cabinet in the second half of the second term usually nothing good happens out of it. If you look at the VA and we want a manager, I don't think you pick Castro to manage the agency. When he doesn't even manage the city of San Antonio. He did it because he's attend of the road in Texas. I like Julian Castro a lot. It's over the cliff. But he has nowhere to go in Texas. Okay. Ana, I'm just going to have to throw my pen at you at some point. Up next, joint chiefs of staff martin Dempsey. Plus, on this memorial day weekend, an emotional reunion of one incredible band of brothers in our "Sunday spotlight."

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Matthew Dowd, David Plouffe, Ana Navarro and Kristen Soltis Anderson discuss Tuesdays' primaries, the Tea Party, and November's midterms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"23862714","title":"'This Week' Powerhouse Roundtable II","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-powerhouse-roundtable-ii-23862714"}