'This Week': The Real 'Mitt'

Filmmaker Greg Whiteley discusses his exclusive access to the Romney campaign for the new documentary "Mitt."
3:00 | 01/26/14

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Transcript for 'This Week': The Real 'Mitt'
Now you just wait a minute, book of Mormon. You keep talking like that and people are going to start thinking you're running for president again. Jimmy, I'm not running again. There's a lot of great candidates for 2016, and I'll be supporting the republican nominee 100%. Don't you mean 47%? That's a low blow. But it's pretty funny. I had to do it, yeah, yeah. And side of Mitt Romney we rarely saw during his white house run. And now a new documentary is pulling back the curtain. Director Greg Whiteley got the access we have never seen with a presidential candidate. And hitting the netflix queue. Here's Martha Raddatz. Reporter: You may have heard that Mitt Romney is a little stiff. Who let the dogs out? W who? Who? Reporter: But those close to him said if only Americans knew the real Mitt. A new documentary screened at sundance last week and released on Friday, introduces anyone with a netflix subscription to the real Mitt. Who is he? If you're looking for the hard-working family man with deeply-held values, you'll find him. Hey, parker -- Reporter: If you're looking for the isolated plutocrat, he's there too. The man who isn't too familiar with ironing. Ouch. Reporter: But what comes across most in "Mitt," the documentary, is how real it feels. The whole Romney family bearing -- baring all. These aren't tears of sorrow, these are tears of gratitude. Reporter: What svengali earned the family's trust? Unassuming young Greg Whiteley. I don't have a skill that allows people to relax around me. I liken it to nature photographphotograp photography. You have to hang out until they are relaxed enough to mate around you, and then you have gold. Reporter: Doing the red carpet walk with family at sundance, Romney himself attested to whitely's charm. If Michael Moore said I would like to come follow you, probably not. But we got to meet Greg and felt comfortable with him. Reporter: The nuanced portrait he achieved is enough to give journalists a complex. On a walk in park city, Greg Whiteley talked about the press corp. That he observed firsthand. It is strange there's a gigantic plane. And two-thirds of the plane is filled with reporters who's job it is to uncover who Mitt Romney is. And one-third of the plane is filled with people trying to prevent reporters from trying to find out the real Mitt Romney. Reporter: And you're going if they only knew. That's right. That's right. Reporter: But did the intimacy hurt his objectivity? The film maker is quick to come to Romney's defense. We want politicians to be cool. You know, we want them to have not just presidential-like qualities, but we want them to be cool too. And I wonder if he finds that strange. Reporter: Are you saying that Mitt Romney is not cool? Well, yeah, I'm saying that. He's not cool like Barack Obama is cool. I think it's such a strange standard to put in place in the first place. I did everything I could. Left it all on the field. Reporter: The campaign took its toll on his subject. When I look at the footage between 2008 and 2012, there's a certain fire that I think it's hard to sustain. There seemed to be a spark in his eye that was missing. Reporter: But the movies are all about second acts. And the so-called liberal Hollywood elite, for one, has a new darling. Martha Raddatz, ABC news, park city, Utah. Thanks to Martha.

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{"id":22021661,"title":"'This Week': The Real 'Mitt'","duration":"3:00","description":"Filmmaker Greg Whiteley discusses his exclusive access to the Romney campaign for the new documentary \"Mitt.\" ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-real-mitt-22021661","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}