'This Week' Roundtable: Hillary Clinton in 2016?

James Carville says 90 percent of Democrats want Clinton to run.
3:49 | 12/09/12

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Transcript for 'This Week' Roundtable: Hillary Clinton in 2016?
Front page in New York Times this morning as it is never too early -- -- right here. Hillary Clinton 2016. That's -- choices -- And that and we also did a poll that ABC news this week pretty remarkable Paula said that 57% of the country right now would actually support Hillary Clinton. For president James Carville of course you worked closely with her for many. Many years I think except to say that no one knows what she's no Cuba but hey it happens are trying to further shifts and every decision she makes now. Does she has to look to look at it through the prism of that bigger decision it -- -- 1944 who would have been sitting here Republicans have always craved ought to. And they've always -- for -- and tough to get behind we've always been people who want -- -- we're looking for the next ought to. This is entirely different every Democrat on those -- god I hope she runs we don't need a primary mr. Skoda posted just on a flight would anybody -- anything. The Republicans they neophyte. Take somebody's got to beat somebody somebody's got to stand beaten Herman Cain -- Michelle Bachmann don't you gotta be somebody good you gotta go through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Please check back in the Republicans know that they need a primary we don't want. We don't want apartment we don't wanna be sluggish this thing out -- -- you know what we've got a pretty good demographic deck we kind -- we like when in presidential elections she's popular let's just go with the -- and the accident and on the fact. -- they give me a little over there. Well the idea that this is -- -- I love Hillary I wish she would -- but it defies human nature think that Democrats even though they are redistribution as the new tokens. Would not be competitive. That Warner are all these other Democrats have been waiting in the wings are gonna -- dynasties since Democrats aren't complaining about these. Dynasty they're gonna have another Clinton step up -- and go yeah stepped back panel thinks a furthermore. The Democratic Party is split. -- the 17% of them are. Extreme liberals and on the rest of -- -- centrists in all of this -- 2014 senators. That are running are -- the -- -- just got elected or centrist so she would have to run with the country which would alienate. She bridges that divide yeah. You know that what's happened is the the extreme liberals forget that would guard and -- -- talked a lot of guys. They're also pragmatic. There they think they compromise the -- on Health Care Reform you know they said they wanted Medicare for all but there were -- -- to take obamacare and and they would see Hillary Clinton as. As someone who couldn't continue to you know make incremental progress towards what they want I've never seen this much I love I -- anything. It has they had me on the whole racing Tony sixteen right now pivots off for her I think that whether or not other Democrats front it's all gonna pivot off her and even the Republicans -- to a degree are gonna -- off what she does. To me though this is that this is a moment where we are going to have a dominant woman candidate for president whether Hillary. Bronze or not and I if she doesn't -- another woman candidate will emerge and I think. Washington actually is in dire need. Of women's leadership. In the congress because if you look at the competition and look at all the dynamics I think we which this country would be served well. If whether it's Hillary or somebody else they woman candidate emerged as a dominant force in -- on the senate right now. To junior senator from New York will be that woman who has now occupying. -- C -- being burned. And Hillary. I have no clue and I'm not -- couldn't get I don't I don't think he does not want to talk about -- -- -- It took another. I don't know what she's gonna do but I did notice the Democrat -- in Iraq and I don't just mean a lot of Democrats on the a -- a whole lot of Democrats like 80%. Across the country do we just don't. We can we just want to win we think she's the best person and shut it down and apps across the board and then I don't tell that it freezes the race for a long time which is a blessing. -- -- --

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{"id":17918946,"title":"'This Week' Roundtable: Hillary Clinton in 2016?","duration":"3:49","description":"James Carville says 90 percent of Democrats want Clinton to run.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-hillary-clinton-2016-17918946","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}