Roundtable II: This Week in Politics

George Will, Olympia Snowe, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, and Jonathan Karl.
3:00 | 05/12/13

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Transcript for Roundtable II: This Week in Politics
The Navajo. He's the -- -- It was pretty clear -- -- yeah. I actually have stolen says that Manuel Antonio dealers are revealing moment. Republican senators Saxby Chambliss hit a hole in -- with President Obama this week. So -- a little golf and Washington gridlock. We'll get to that in a moment first let's introduce our next roundtable George will and Jon -- are back with democratic strategist Donna Brazil ABC's Matthew Dowd. And former senator from Maine Olympia -- welcome to all of you. I wanna start with you George well and the IR asks what a week IRS look at these headlines. RI RS targeted Tea Party groups. For scrutiny. Searching words -- patriot Tea Party. Does this sound like a familiar story to you turn to -- Mr. hicks -- -- an abusive his jaw dropped at the explanation back here this was a jaw dropping moment. In response to a question and and American Bar Association convention a second level -- persons or anybody we we did target these people. But progressive. Which apparently hadn't known about for awhile -- of the Tea Party people -- -- about this and I'm working arraf but they said hey it was inadvertent or just some. -- wonderment and -- in Cincinnati who did this. And there was no political motive whatever involved -- questions how stupid do they think we park. Just imagine Donna Brazil. If the George W Bush Administration heads and IRS under my hands out in Cincinnati of course. Saying we're gonna target groups of the word progressive movement title. We would have all hell breaking news many are read you something for -- -- -- -- that I I would be surprised if -- didn't this is the fortieth anniversary of the Watergate summer here in Washington. He hands through his subordinates and agents endeavored to cause in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens. Income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner. Section one article to the impeachment articles -- Richard Nixon. Overtake new data personnel but they'll be irresponsible the -- -- of -- impeachment -- this could yet the leader. The IG for tax administration will release a report this week is already been some leaked documents clearly -- -- -- -- competence at some level. Bureaucrats looking into. All of these applications common and in a rush at the citizen united. To see whether another legitimate organizations. With the word Tea Party up hatred and and yet they -- progressive patriots as well but. The truth is is that this was. This was something that should have been revealed she had -- -- told. There were numerous congressional hearings no one came -- This RS official -- learn -- put it out there now let's see what the investigate. Why wasn't it revealed long ago well. They've -- it's amazing and we know that IRS leadership please I am told in Washington knew about this last year and yet the commission the IRS. Testified that he had no idea in the new information this was going on but I think -- given what George is just said. You better get ready for your audit. -- yeah. The IRS audit Del Harris commissioner was a Republican appointed by bush who -- You know his term expired in of them but there's a vacancy currently at -- Harris in terms of Myanmar senators -- Away. Known doesn't until listeners often get to the heart of the matter because it you know the -- that is that is sweeping powers and the fact that -- gone on so long. Wasn't disclosed to reveal -- anyway and actually was -- -- You know win the former commissioner games he actually yes he does I gardens -- -- -- asked in. And made -- by members of congress to raise these issues -- they were specifically tactic it. And they -- now. You're smiling and well because I think because you know your -- here with him. The company go for it I mean I don't have enough that -- and that's it anyway and this. This is so everything about this is so typical Washington so typical partisan on each side if there's a great quote by Napoleon. Who says never ascribe to malice that which can be easily attributed to incompetence. And it every time something like this happens and I'm not saying there's not -- involved in here that that has to be explained and all that. And Ben -- to me is another example as we jump to scandal long before we settle on stupidity. And each of these there's things and -- they shouldn't have done certain things. But I'm amazed at a situation where there's constant especially on the Republican -- conservative side of this. Who constantly say. Governments and competent government can't do anything they don't know what they're doing. But -- by the way if Barack Obama to make it work badly on their behalf they can do it really well and really effectively reaches of. Perfect transition to what kind of week we've had. We saw the hole in one with Saxby Chambliss we saw him out there with President Obama. I want to start with you senator -- won this you are the author of the book fighting for a common ground. You say the senate has no longer a legislative body where the key issues facing the country could be resolved. The senate as a whole simply was not doing the job ran into it under the constitution. First vote caused you to leave the senate and and what can we do about the problems we're having now. My left as a whole it. -- make a difference well it is. This summit probably really does that -- golfers. But I think is important for the president to build those relationships they should say. But I did decide to take my fight outside of the -- was leaving the fight. But rather taking a different direction the outside to affirm people's views one about the disturbing. Partisanship and polarization that exist in congress and we didn't change it is placing a premium and -- and bipartisanship. And compelling people to come together. And that means providing a political -- And to bypass and policies send them wearing a senior fellow. We're launching tomorrow common ground project in conjunction -- citizens of political reform so can serve as a catalyst. The real time involvement drawing people into the process and making and holding members of congress account. The reaching agreement income options if -- network injured well. Norman mature want to work I think senator snow amounts under the table -- on the side represented a fundamental divide for 230 some years in this country earned adult. Brian could hold a little yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Thank senators and our wishes of the American people were -- cynical about Washington and more trusting. This regard to our last topic of the RS I wish Americans were less trusting of government -- they are we wouldn't have large sprawling government which by its very size. Guarantees the kind of -- -- -- -- -- -- What does it take it let's take a leap forward here and I and our last topic -- 2016. We certainly heard about and godsey. This weekend we had senator Rand Paul in Ohio well we have Louisiana governor Bobby -- -- in New Hampshire and this we heard from governor Chris Christie. -- -- Did this. For myself. My wife. And my children. And unlike some of you they will still pay attention to be -- dry run for president or not. I'm -- didn't abide outline that they have -- I'm president and -- -- -- -- awful curious because I don't think he gained weight after he became governor of New Jersey and decided and it's time to lose weight. Out when you take his explanation is as valid as what he says. I think so much what's going on now weeks with the presidential campaign in 2016 started right after November 2012 that's when the presidential election 12016. And to -- all of this so much of this discussion the release of the -- and Gaza has to do with 2016 and try to hurt Hillary Clinton. All of the things the scandals that we're talking about all have to do with 2016 the interesting thing to me is if Hillary Clinton doesn't -- This will be the first time in more than a generation of both parties have -- -- heir apparent to run in this opted for this office. Before 1960 this -- and it bit since 96 -- is of them before that's why everything you're saying is about when he sixty. I want to go back to Chris Cristi for movement. What Americans have to have someone who wasn't overweight. You know so much of America is over -- more than a third of Americans. Consider themselves you know. All the -- more than a third obese. Will struggle what I'll -- Georgia no you haven't struck -- senior employees remains prevalent not to. The truth is is that I wouldn't fly and I think he's done the right thing not just for his health his family. What is 2016 and -- shaping up for that. He's it humanize him but it also gives them an opportunity to share with the American people like Bill Clinton when he ran for president who struggled -- his way. He was one happy -- away from you know being overweight Mike Huckabee who struggle with this way this we'll -- an opportunity to talk to the American people about a subject that we should -- -- my townhouse. Jon -- and Chris Keller -- Well what the Republicans or treating Hillary like she is the democratic nominee in 2016 and Joseph Biden's a great sound. Despite -- or I'm Joseph Biden I'm here but but look you know we seem to. Acts last week from Republican groups new video ads attacking Hillary Clinton these -- the earliest. Attack ads we have seen I think -- and we said. Long way away does does that issue for me or is this going to be essential issue that if Hillary would you know I mean the idea that we can -- right now what's going to be a central issue in 33 and a half years and that that the that there's no way. But I do believe that we will see that clip in one form or another. In in a political attack at. In between sixty I just think it undermines what it really does is undermines her not only with the General Electric because it just like here we go again ethnic and actually Democrats and start to say like do we want to re litigate. All of the stuff that we had from the ninety's from her husband because here we -- we have another thing. I only thing I council -- Republicans better be careful what they wish for. Because every time they tell Hillary Clinton stout -- Europeans as of right now she's strong. But you get rid of her and Joseph Biden does has a hard time going where a new candidate could emerge and that could be even harder to -- -- Hillary Clinton -- be careful what you wish for. Another this would say on this whole issue regarding Hillary in -- on -- grassy. Is that you know Republicans could overplay. They -- and we can be viewed as. Doing this for political reasons but rather trying to get to -- they should be bipartisan effort on both sides frankly both Democrats and Republicans. To get to the heart of the matter what teens find -- Ghazi -- there's serious lapse in security. And -- when not put in place and to respond to those issues. I -- very quickly here at the end we just have a couple of minutes talk about this week's hearings. On military sexual assault. It is an unbelievable problem and I'm just considering now -- I've heard for twenty years officials at the Pentagon. Say they have zero tolerance for this and it and it's worse than ever met you and your son Yasser. I had a son is -- army unit and who was in Iraq for almost eighteen months it's a problem and it's systematic problem east he talks about -- talks about it. He talked about it goes on all the time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To me there you know there's a quote that Dostoevsky is that is how we treat our prisoners is how civilized society is to me is how we treat women. Is how civilized society is and when we allow this and we allow -- -- at many different levels. In things we don't reported police don't investigated. What we've seen that came out of Cleveland actually where the guy had a history of abuse that was nothing was ever done about and the man look what happened. The military has not dealt with this just took it with a couple of seconds here. That's -- all -- to agree -- still when you have 37%. Increase from one year to another. Something has changed also in the reporting of this. And that's part of the story. None of -- you know he also got a look at alcohol I think I think that's something else that you have to look at and whether that is a contributing factor and I'm sure they'll look at that as they go forward and try to finally fix this problem senator snow is sticking around answer your questions for our web extra.

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