'This Week': Terror in Kenya

The latest news on the terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya.
5:41 | 09/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week': Terror in Kenya
Morning welcome to this week. Breaking overnight terror strike. Dozens killed at a shopping mall in Kenya. Americans are caught in the crossfire and al-Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility. We have all the breaking details. Deadline drama -- -- resolution. Days away from the first government shutdown in two decades can it be stopped now we see it happening again. Com and tragedy. He aimed his gun -- fired -- to a three sacks another mass shooting another search for answers. How were so many warning signs missed -- lines at the Washington navy yard. All that plus the powerhouse roundtable. Right here this Sunday morning. A special edition of this week would mark the residents of the day and Jonathan Karl. Hello again -- is off today great to have you with tests. -- at the Washington navy yard where in just a few hours President Obama is set to honor the victims of the -- you being here. Will take on that issue of the tragedy later in this hour. But first a drama still unfolding overseas breaking news -- Kenyan government says at least. 59 people confirmed dead after al-Qaeda linked terrorist stormed an upscale mall in the capital Nairobi. Dozens of Americans were among those sent running for their lives several were injured and there are still hostages in some -- ABC's -- it Roddy -- in Nairobi with the very latest here at. Martha now more than 24 hours after this siege began it is still a very tense situation. We're told that there is still up to thirty people being held hostage. Fifteen gunman inside the Westgate. We're also told that authorities were able to rescue about 1000 people yesterday. But it began when dozens of people killed in this attack up to 200 others injured among those injured American citizens. -- just a short while ago gunshots were heard outside the -- some police officers were seen coming out injured. Martha the Kenyans say they have this under control but this still remains very much a hostage situation and it is far from over. Let's now go to Tyler hicks a veteran New York Times war photographer based in Nairobi. Who was able to get inside the mall moments after the first shots were fired. Taking some incredible photos in the process he joins us now on the phone. Tyler tell us what you first saw when you got into the mall. Where leading up Lombardi who are you. Realize how serious it was -- night -- Three. Dead bodies. On the steps just outside -- ball and insurance. Like a pretty heated up -- -- upper. Parking area where it's also civilian while rushing out of the ball and I saw that -- -- a way to get a -- Once it was clear that -- Going to be something very battle over. Several bodies clearly visible around the ball -- chi -- who had. As far as like she had been eating lunch. Were killed just next -- -- She boarded been having that what the cap today. Another man in front of an ATM machine. Among part of the -- -- at the supermarket so. It's really no specific area adjacent city bodies. Really strewn all over the place. And it looks like people were grabbing their children running out of their end and a very organized attack. Yes sit it was organized but also very disorganized for the police and army who were -- they're trying to figure out what was going on. They were. Moving around in the big open areas where there's a lot of places for people hide those certainly CEO. Movie theater eight. She supermarket and social social there's lots of all these shops where. It given quite -- someone could could could eat -- so this is what natives of -- -- around. They were trying. I spoke locate Lee UCLA and also. Actually -- try to eight civilians -- get out of the ball. And there were people hiding in in -- and and other places inside the -- and end. Clearly people still in there. Yes I think this is. Upscale mall where -- have -- It's what certain standards as -- sushi restaurants where where a woman came out of an error and the -- healing she'd been hot. -- -- -- -- I'm. A lot of it wasn't very. The apparent at -- because people were locked inside their shops. And hiding so back and usually enjoys seeing somebody sleeping. Through if you could collapse and minute. The police would go over the or the army they opened the door and get them out as fast as a good. Thanks so much for joining us time.

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{"id":20334222,"title":"'This Week': Terror in Kenya ","duration":"5:41","description":"The latest news on the terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-terror-kenya-20334222","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}