'This Week' Video Extra: Haley Barbour

The former Mississippi governor does not regret staying out of the GOP race.
2:11 | 03/18/12

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Transcript for 'This Week' Video Extra: Haley Barbour
You've had a chance though so. See what's happening in this race you've suggested it's been bad what's been going on for Republicans all this infighting. Which party wishes you -- wrong. Now -- very conscious decision. After months of month sisters of Russia didn't really have do part of women are -- to see a play after the nomination or cameras -- -- But I never had the fire in the belly to be willing to dedicate. Myself to the exclusion of all adults. To this for ten years and asked the commitment you have to and I've -- or alcohol and been enough campaign -- -- got to be all in -- on -- -- in this race have been different and well I -- tried -- -- to keep the folk personal ball. You've mentioned or Iraq he said by this is -- -- -- I don't think this has been totally buy it but every time that we spend a minute not talking about Obama's policies in the fatal results of those policy. -- were not taken advantage of our benchmark. And -- have run for president what I would have -- -- and hoped would -- would have had -- discipline. To keep the -- Obama's policy his policies are awful and the results. -- -- Bigger government just look at this week's news. Obama -- turns out is -- cut the deficit from is going to be twice is being used that line. The deficit for this year is going to be a hundred sup -- billion dollars higher. In three years the deficit under Obama -- the -- under Obama his -- five trillion. Dollars. That is a third of the entire deficit -- company in the -- runnerup in the history of the United States. And in all three years it took -- 236. Years. Tirana to get in there to get to ten trillion and Obama in three years as factory -- -- That's what the American people need to be hearing about thinking about and deciding if this really. We're the future of our country lies in this -- and debt and deficits. That continue to be a trillion -- here.

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{"id":15948939,"title":"'This Week' Video Extra: Haley Barbour","duration":"2:11","description":"The former Mississippi governor does not regret staying out of the GOP race.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-video-extra-haley-barbour-15948939","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}