'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Richardson

The former New Mexico governor answers viewer questions.
6:55 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Richardson
I am Benjamin -- -- this week when George Stephanopoulos and I'm joined today by former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. Thanks for joining us appreciate it good to be with you man. And because they believe all politics is social at this week we're gonna put some of the questions that you submitted on FaceBook and Twitter to governor so here's the first question. He comes from Scott -- -- says what was it like meeting the Taliban. It was a surreal experience I was a first cabinet member to see the Taliban we were trying to get a cease fire. Try to get some improvements for women. I sat next to this guy who had several weapons -- themselves. And I knew the negotiation wasn't going well when he started cutting his toenails. With his. Big big -- we -- But we didn't think some progress after my visit. The little awkward the next question comes from Twitter and it's from. Do this while stiff and he says god do you think you can get Kim Jong-un to behave if you get if you give him tickets to the NBA finals perhaps -- -- the president. Put together but seriously what's it gonna takes the North Korea. Well. You know I'm a little envious -- Dennis Rodman because Rodman had a chance to visit with him and Eric Schmidt of Google and I who were there in January didn't. I think this guy is. A big mystery nobody knows anything about -- he hasn't met with anybody so it's not as if there are some intelligence out there about it. My hope it -- because he speaks English he was educated in the Swiss school. He's 2930. -- to be comfortable with himself as a politician as a leader. That maybe -- some sanity to all but my concern is that. She is being manipulated and run by some of the hard line North Korean generals. Communist -- broad that didn't seem to be moving them. Very much in the wrong direction. I think when that North Korea policy it's essential eventually could be a dialogue with him and the leadership in North Korea because North Korea. Is this a dangerous place. Right so moving on to your domestic politics -- next question comes from Jessica Bernstein and she says what does he think of Ted Chris. I'm not a fan. I know he's sort of Republican -- -- flavor. East articulate. He seems to be. Charismatic. I don't like -- politics. I think he introduces a measure of instability in the political process. Insulting people is not the way to go. But I guess is he's a force in the Republican political system but I'm not a friend -- think he represents most Hispanics. No it -- politics now he's anti immigration and almost every Hispanic in the country wants to -- immigration reform. -- I I don't think he. Should be defined as a Hispanic he's a politician from Texas. A conservative state and I respect texas' choice but. What I don't lying -- -- when you try to get things done it's okay to be. Strong men state your views your ideology. But I've seen him demean the office be rude to other senators. Not be part of I think the civility that is really needed in Washington. Because of the last question comes from Diane Laughlin on FaceBook and she says I would love to know -- Bill Richardson is interested in running for president. You would get my vote of course Syria have run for president but -- sixteen how about it well. You get one shot to run for president I had my shot. I still want to be involved in political process but I'm a private citizen now I spent thirty years in government. I've got a foundation. Work I wanna do I want to steal being Asian foreign policy I -- to protect. Wild mustangs the mice and environmental issues I want to stop a slaughterhouse in New Mexico courses. But I want to do it as a private citizen. Fair enough and now moving -- are our lightening round favorite movie. Favorite movie. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid favorite actor Robert Redford who was a friend my column Sundance he doesn't like to be -- that happened. OK so favor Republicans. I would say Governor Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California -- he says it. -- like Jon Huntsman to -- friends is governors from you -- but I would say Schwarzenegger he's a character. He's charismatic he cares about issues. I know he's had some problems but. You ask me who my favorite and that's okay. Comfort food. Chicken tacos with green -- Lots -- -- as you can tell. Although some very good favorite job you've had a lot. Governor. I've been in the congress I've been in the cabinet. -- -- in the private sector -- governor because you can make a difference you can build the school you can help a child. You can do it and set an agenda especially in a small stated flee to Mexico we -- a lot of good things. Renewable energy built a movie industry. Protected the environment. Built space board. And governor leadership enable me to do so that's my favorite job okay fondest -- moment where you went to school -- When I was elected president of my fraternity and -- it was my first. Political foray I thought I was going to lose. But in Taiwan and my first question was what am I gonna do -- OK and -- last question. We have a lot of questions -- your beard so you don't have an -- wielded beard ever return the beard will return soon. I don't know what the definition of soon -- that the Chinese definition. Hundreds of years but you know I just go through phases I. I put the beard on because I wondered -- would rebel against my handlers. Who always wanted me to be. Well -- -- the right. Shave. And I it was sort of rebellion against and then my wife didn't like it so I took off but. Maybe that -- and make a comeback. We'll thank you so much for taking time to join us today and thank you to everyone who submit their questions on FaceBook and Twitter you can follow the show at this -- -- ABC on Twitter. FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week --

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{"id":19112767,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Richardson","duration":"6:55","description":"The former New Mexico governor answers viewer questions.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-web-extra-bill-richardson-19112767","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}