'This Week' Web Extra: Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich answers viewer questions.
6:34 | 02/17/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Newt Gingrich
Hello I'm Jonathan call chief White House correspondent for ABC news and -- here with former speaker of the house and onetime presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Thank you for joining us. And because all politics is social here at this week we have put out some questions here asked for some questions on FaceBook and Twitter and I've got support if -- -- aren't. All right let's get right to -- the first one kind of like this one. From Edward McKinney he wants to know do you still think that the clintons are quote counter -- would -- -- Well there's they certainly -- in the seventies when they were actually McGovern's campaign workers in South Carolina. Clinton himself actually I -- moved very far towards the center. With the democratic leadership council and ended -- governing almost as sort of centrist president. Once we want in London and seven -- this was not obvious in 9394. But I think he really moved in 95 -- -- most of the people -- -- histories -- would indicate that in the summer of 95. He decided he had to come to the senator if he is gonna get reelected. So so you obviously had some major accomplishments with with President Clinton welfare reform balanced budget surpluses. But -- high school it was a pretty rocky relationship with the time obviously want what is your relationship like with Bill Clinton out -- wanted to -- all of you -- -- we've we've talked on the phone recently and I think we have a good relationship and just -- do with Secretary Clinton. She and I served on the transformational advisory group for for a major military command and we did -- -- Health Information Technology. I think we have a sense mutual respect. Just based in the fact that we like ideas that we we try to work on finding solutions. And -- -- commander from the same angle. But we have some ability to talk with each other and trying to find practical way to get things done and there's -- certain freedom of being a former president former speaker. I think there is all although we were actually will -- Once we got through the initial. Year and a half of learning how to deal of each other we have a lot done for about two and a half years of was mostly pretty practical and very tough negotiating but pretty practical stuff. Now Pat Roberts asks Wayne do you plan to retire from public speaking I imagine Islam rising -- The and I can't quite imagine and -- like. No Chris Farley doing things like the show. An island like giving speeches and when this coming Friday -- went into. Our long lecture on the Internet from Mount Vernon about Washington. What he meant in and so was so I'd I like doing things like that thing you're done in terms of elected all the I don't I don't think -- run for office now. -- -- this administration is -- likely. I'll take a Paul Ryan position -- -- -- and I are not on my current list. Another definite maybe you know around you every time kind of view that as a declaration of candidacy at -- with a lot of people. All right -- Denzel walker asks. When your a spending bill was vetoed by President Clinton causing a government shutdown of 1995. Did it usher in the GOP obstructionism. -- has become commonplace these days rather loaded questions. What -- not look at at the time and essentially comment on how the city works. No reply. -- and have been elected a majority in the house in forty years. -- what was more interest -- was no Republican majority had been reelected in the house in sixty years. And the fact is we got reelected as a majority for the first time since 1928. After we closed the government twice. And I think that's because we communicated to people how really serious we were about balancing the budget. And balancing the budget was a very high value the American people. And and so I would argue nobody in this city -- I would argue that. As a guy who helped design -- for a 96 successfully that the Republicans were not hurt. By the collision of 9596. Republicans were helped because they showed. Real determination to get it done and then they showed real practicality and working with the president to make -- we also by the summer of 96 -- welfare reform. We we had passed a substantial reduction in domestic spending. And and we were and we were making real reforms in Medicare. But based on your experience. What happened in in 95 now have Republican leaders to a person. Say although I don't know I don't know government shutdown what we're we're not to do that no known or -- they're wrong -- question of -- Mean if if it certainly on the electoral side it's not gonna hurt them in the long run if people think it's not capricious or not silly. I -- -- what point. Does a particular agency becomes so absurd. That you zero it out even if the president wants them fight UN and -- to shut -- And this thing that George will described resemble. The house wanted to zero out this agency of the US Department of Agriculture this teaching that the pilgrims were illegal immigrants -- -- that is so despicable. -- just it is safe. No more money you don't -- -- All right one more question on line from from Barbara -- suit asks. Tells me to ask you why politicians never ever. The answer the questions -- -- but rather have scripted speed information they just keep repeating ad nauseam. She says this goes for all parties -- -- a little harsh what do we do. What went on my in my case I think we dismantles whose questions -- mansion tribunal under hello to get back and look at the campaign -- if it up there and I and my career is a good example. -- most of my career I've spent answering questions directly -- wants -- -- get in trouble. Answering questions directly I will -- a little different than most Paul Gaffney most politicians and our risk averse and and they so they try to figure out what to say that try to memorize what they figured out -- -- -- try to stick to that script so that they don't get in trouble by by a freewheeling. At first -- -- -- on the very edge to it and nobody ever accused you relentlessly sticking to the script that -- direct itself up very quickly what lightning round three questions iPhone or Blackberry. -- -- Favorite movie this year. This year probably Argo -- -- -- and comfort food what is your favorite Italian. At any Italian food. -- right Newt Gingrich thank you very much for joining us you can follow us on Twitter and also at abcnews.com slash this week. Thank you for watching thank use had to be here take.

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