WH reporter on tax reform: 'I definitely do not think we will see this by the end of the year'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
10:04 | 04/30/17

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Transcript for WH reporter on tax reform: 'I definitely do not think we will see this by the end of the year'
We gotta ard the elephant that's not in the room. The leader of our country is not here. And that's because he lives in Moscow. Sit a very long flight. It would be hard for vla dorks make it. He can't just make it on a Saturday. It's a Saturday. As for the other guy, I think he's in Pennsylvania because he can't take a joke. Comedian Hasan minhaj's night. Our "Roundtable" joins us now. Kaitlan Collins. Jeff mason. And Perry bacon Jr. Let me start with you, Jeff. The president became the first president since 1981 not to go to the dinner. That was romd Reagan. He had just been shot. So he had an excuse. You had a big interview with the president. Did you get the sense talking to him that he regrets this decision in any way? I didn't get the sense that he regretted the decision. I certainly got the seps he was still thinking about it and thinking about the issue. He talked about potentially coming the following year. He was following it closely. Was interested in it. But he didn't say anything about regretting his decision not to come. This was an extraordinary move not simply that he decided not to come. But the fact that there was essentially a boycott by the entire white house. None of the white house staff. It was unprecedented that the rest of the white house staff was -- I think essentially not allowed to come. They were said that they did that in solidarity with the president. I know that there are plenty of white house staff and others if the administration who would have liked to have attended the dinner. What was the message he was trying to send, the white house was trying to send? It's a little artificial. He said he didn't want to come. There would be natural tension to think they could come and enjoy the dinner and not be hypocritical. But, he lambasted the press and last week, he was interviewing the president. So he's obviously cozy with him. In private, such a media-friendly president. He sat down with him and had an interview but refused to go to the dinner that he hosted. It seems a little artificial to me that he didn't go because he didn't want to seem to cozy with the press. I disagree with the word cozy. I think they have a didchotomy and an irony. The trump white house has been very accessible to the press. That is something that the correspondents' association wants and purrs for. Nen you have this other rhetoric about how the press is -- The opposition party. The enemy of the people. He regularly criticizes "The New York Times" and "The Washington post" but when his bill didn't have enough sport, those are the first two organizations he called. You call and they will them what really happened. Look, Perry, I have been covering on and off Donald Trump for like, a couple of decades. Since I was a reporter for "The New York post" in another era. He's always been accessible and media friendly. He may criticize and lash out. Essentially a media friendly feg your. You heard from reince Priebus saying they're serious or looking into the idea still of changing the libel laws. That was a strange thing he said, to be honest. I was very surprised about that. He said, we're looking into it. I wasn't convinced he actually is looking into it. I took it more that they're not going the walk that back. Donald Trump tends not to apologize. It seemed like the staff is doing that as well. I'm not going to party with the swamp. I'm going to be out there with my people, not with the reporters in tux sedos. That filled his message that he's going to have a different relationship with Washington than previous presidents. Thank you very much for being here. Pleasure SNP. What was the president's main message last night? It sounded like a throwback speech to me. Definitely. It was like we were on the campaign all over again. I would like to touch on reinces' idea of looking at the libel laws. You would need a constitutional amendment, right? I don't know why he said that. It's misinformed. Last night, he was -- this was hard edge. This was America first. This was vintage campaign Donald Trump. Exactly. That's right. I think he wanted to go in that direction. It was a contrast he wanted. He listed. He wanted to say, aye done some of the things I said I would do. If you look at his immigration policy, think he has. The number of border crossings is way down in the last few months. He wanted to list what has he done, how has he met his promises. The media has suggested he failed in a lot of ways. There are major setbacks on health care. The message is, here are the things I'm doing. Here are the check marks. I was struck by Nancy Pelosi saying not interested in a compromise on immigration. The idea of the president getting money for his wall, which he'll get back later from Mexico in exchange for a path to citizenship. My sense is within this white house, there are obviously different views on immigration. This is a sense that a compromise like that is something that the president would be open to. Maybe not citizenship. But comprehensive immigration reform in exchange for security. He said he might not get funding for the border wall until September. I think he's softened his stance on immigration a lot. As a candidate, he promised to get rid of DACA and he said Barack Obama defied federal law when he signed those. He has said dreamers can rest easy. I'm interested to see how the president's supporters will react to that when they see he's not cracking down on it like he said he would. You already see it. DACA is in place. Right. This was something he talked about doing away with on day one. It's still in place. Exactly. Is he getting blowback from the right on this? I don't think he's getting enough. I've asked him repeatedly. When he had the reception for conservative media last week, I was there. People were asking him easy questions you could tell he wanted to answer. I raised my hand and said, do you still think DACA is ig legaled? His supports care about it. He said, his usual answer, which is that he has heart. And he's not going to deport children who came to the country with their parents the he didn't take the stance that he had at multiple rallies. Jeff, you gotta say that flexibility has been one of the E do ning conta-- defining contact I characteristics. I thing it's interest dog see how his supporters react. He seems to be unique, as a candidate and as a president, to be able to change his opinion without necessarily getting blowback from the people who put him in office. So far, the polling tells us no one has changed his mind about Donald Trump. His base is with him. The people that hated him on January 21st, they still hate him. The way they have enforced policy on trying to deport people at courthouses. The Latino community is concerned that -- some on the right say he's not been aggressive enough. Some of the left say he's been too aggressive. The policies are complicated. He's moved on some issues. Not on others. It's hard to figure out where he stands and where he's going to go. I have to ask you. We had the tax plan released. Or at least the outline of the tax plan. 19 bullets. Thank you. I didn't count. Where does this go? Do they have chance of seeing something by the end of the year pass that incorporates most of those? Thinks that's his dream. He wants to emulate Donald Reagan and have something significant passed in the first year of his first term. The tax rate bigger than Ronald Reagan's. Exactly. It took them 20 minutes to brief reporters on the outline of it but it's the biggest one. No specific miss the bill. I don't think we'll see this by the end of the year. I think you have to see how will Republicans accept an increase in deficits? And why would Democrats give support of this? Let me play something quickly. Nancy Pelosi. I asked her about the corporate tax rate. Listen to this. I think we could probably split the difference between the 35 and the 15. We have always been for lowering the the corporate rate. You would agree to a22, 23? Somewhere there. You think there could be a deal on taxes. Oh, absolutely. What do you think? I think the gap, the proposal suggests a large decrease in taxes on the wealthy. Ly be very surprised if Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders feel like -- there's a lot of other elements that would be controversial. They can probably pass it and use reconciliation. Reince Priebus made news with us. Saying he's going to close the hedge fund loophole. That's all the time we have.

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