What Year Was It?

A look back in history, and a goodbye to producer Jon Banner.
3:00 | 08/26/12

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Transcript for What Year Was It?
Three knowledge from this week history what -- was. When South Africa's votes of all -- all counted and a new government comes in the -- Then comes the hard part Nelson Mandela elected president of South Africa. Kenneth Starr the new independent counsel working on Whitewater says he will be fair and objective. Ken Starr began the investigation that ended in impeachment. Police believe they have located at OJ Simpson -- -- on two counts of murder and OJ Simpson's arrest kicked off the trial of the century to murder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is like a movie script that -- that nobody knows how would it. -- -- 1993 now. So what year was at what was OJ Simpson arrested Nelson Mandela elected. Eighteen years ago 1994. And now we honor our fellow Americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the Pentagon released the names of thirteen service members. Killed in Afghanistan. And in your voice this week a personal note. Farewell and thanks to my partner and friend this week's executive producer Jon banner. -- you don't know John that you know his work he showed this -- the ropes when I first anchored this week back in 2002. Went on to produce world news tonight for Peter Jennings. Charlie Gibson. And Diane Sawyer. Before returning to run all of our politics coverage this year. Through it all John has -- the news and tenacity fire and a deep sense of fairness. The same passions a joke from from the day he started ABC news 23 years ago answering the phones -- world news tonight. Just trying to cut off my -- house and -- gonna quickly wishing good luck on his next adventure we had a lot of -- John and on this. And we'll --

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{"id":17082450,"title":"What Year Was It?","duration":"3:00","description":"A look back in history, and a goodbye to producer Jon Banner.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/what-year-was-it-goodbye-producer-jon-banner-this-week-17082450","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}