'Bipartisan consensus that James Comey doesn't have credibility': Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders joins "This Week" to discuss the U.S. strikes on Syria, and respond to James Comey's first interview ahead of his new book, "A Higher Loyalty."
9:16 | 04/15/18

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Transcript for 'Bipartisan consensus that James Comey doesn't have credibility': Sarah Sanders
Want T bring in the white house V thismorning. Sarah Sanders from the white house lawn morning. A lot to talk about this morning. Morning. Good morning. Let's start with Syria. The ident tweeted ion complished. Ust heard Martha Raddatz said perhaps the itial misswas accomplished. But that the overall declarationis premature. Is may not change the situation onhe ground yr all that much. Erhe mission the U.S. Military and our coion forces with th and France went out on Friday to do, they 100% meeir objects. That's what the president's referring to. They wt out to destroy chemical weons infrastructuresyria. And theyid exactly that. They sent a strong message the to Syria to Russia, to Iran, that when this president has a red he'll enforce and I think we saw that clearly on Friday. And I think we have seen the present follow through on exactly what he said he was Goin do. The mission cad out by the extraordinary men and women of ourrmed force partnered with the men and women in the uk and France, certainly successful in what they set out to D accomplished their obive. So what's next? Is the presi committed to tting our troops out of Syria right away? Ok, the president has three biobjectiveshen it comes to the oct there. He wants to defeat ISIS. He'skeis nt. We are already there. We have made extraordinaains against ISIS and in the war against ISIS. This president has led the effort. Heeeul. The ore -- other things we have O, we have to contain Iran. Wee to make sure that the D Ng that th have been a part of doesn't continue and doesn't . Those are big and key points. Last, wee to stop Thad and the use of mass chemical weapons. That was one of the things you saw the president take action on friy. These are big things that the president's been focused on. Wee had someuccess so we're going to continue to build on that. As you were ansng that question, the president's fifth tweet came out on James Comey this morning. I'm sure your phone buzzed. As you were talking as well want to dig into this just a little B that tweet that Jon Karl cited. Right there where he says,omey gave up cssified information, jail, did he lie congress, jail. What exactly is the presi ferring there? Has he asked the justice department to stigate James Mey? It's been very clear that James Comey is a self-admi Aker. He lied to congress. He's been inconsistent. Whadio congress about? He Sae opened the hil clintovestigation on merits. Now we're finding out it had something O with the political landscape. I find it oueously unbelievable that Jim Comey, the man who takes copious notes and llects everyail of every nvtion that had can't remember why he would have specific opened an investigation into a presidential candidate particularly sody he thought would become the president. He does reer. He goes to great Dail. Tp you play a few mints ago said I can't be sure. I'm sure that was part of it. Ink I thought Abou. Give me a break. The guy knew exactly what he was doing. He thought Hillary Clinton would win. He thought this could give him cover. He made the decisions D on the politic landscape, and not on the facts of the case. When the person who is ssed to leahighest law enforcement agency in our country tsg decision baonical envirments instead of on what is right and wrong, it's a dangerous position. And I ththat's one of reasons there is such a huge bipartisan conus that Jame Comey doeshave credibili and shouldn't be leading F any longer. We that's not exactly WHA he said. But is the president asking the justice department to investigate James Comey? I'm not awaf a specific ask of the justice department. Bu I do feel ifhey tnk there was any wrong doing, they should look into that just as they do on a number of other topics. Are you sure you want to be ged in a cdibility contest with James Comey? I think the white house cited more than 2,000instances where the president and thete use have made false statements. Ouw poll shows that Americans, bpretty wide margin, think James comes more cbility than Donald Trump. Has the president U at. Which is actually better thaesident Obama at this point. At the end of the day, this president will be judged on probably two bigng the econand national security. Two things we feeery confident that this presi has been strong leader on. Effects of. Thonomy doing much better today thana time. The president tweeted saying he never asked James Comey F Y pledge. Is he still willing to testify R oath that he didn't ask R that andhat he didn't say he hoped Comey would lhe instigation ? The president has been clear he'spoken about this a number of times, as you pointut inclg this morning.he continues ttain that. And I have no reason to believe anything different. Finally, on this to a group of Republicans cosioned a TV adight about Robert Mueller that will air during our special. He ws. The head of Thi George W. Bush, Mueller has been trusted by Republicans to put America first. I have a lot of confidence in Bob Mueller. Thi our justice system. And E justice system needs to play itself out. The S counsel has a job to do. Call your representat and tell them to protect the Muell investigatio Is the president actively coering firing rob Mueller or removind rosenstein,uty attorney neral, from overseeing the investigation? Iotre of plans to make the movements. E president been extremely cooperative. As have a er of membs of the administration. We've providedry ha been asked for. We have real concerns about some of the activities and S of the spe that the investigation has gone. But 100% maintain that at this point, after repeating I for nearly a year and a half, there absolutely was no collwith Russia. Att they've been investigating. Noonly has T special cnsel but a number of congressional committees have been looking a this for over a year and come up with nothing. I think it is getting time to O I K the American people woulpreciate congrand the rest of the country being able to focus on some of the things that really impact th is the white house more concerned about the Michael Cohen inigation than the Mueller investigation? Concern is on doihat the president was elected to do. Growing the economy. Creating jobs. Deating ISIS. Building and protecting our borders. This is the focus of our administration. Rtainly we're G to respond to some of the charges against us and brought directly against the president. As we have said before, he's fighter. 'S going to hit back when he's hit. This administration is going to D our time on. Why did the president call Michael Cohen on Friday? I'm sorry? Why the president call Michael Cohen on Friday? Look he's had a long relationship witchael cohen he'll continue to have that reonship. I caget into specifics. Is he worried Michael Cohen might turn state's evidence? Presidents confident in the fact that he'se nothing wrong. He C speak on half of anyone else. He's connt in what he and hasn't done. L continue focus on and fight for the American people. A report that Michael Cohen, according to mcclatchy, may have been in Prague talking to russiansing the campai that's the reporting, much Cohen adamantly dehat. The preside convinced that Michael Cohen is telling the truth? And what would his reaction if, in fact, those meetings D happen? Again, I can't speak on behalf of ael Cohen and what he may or may not have done. That will be detne he's contested that is no accurate. I haven't had a crsation the president about that spic instance. The president pardoned scooter Libby on friday.at drew a reaction from Adam Schiff. D -- on the day the president wrongly attacks Comey for being a leaker and a he considered rdoning a convicted leaker and liar. Scooter Libby. This is the press way of message to those implied in the Russia nation. H my back and I'll have yours.your rn? That couldn't be furtherer from the truth. Reity. Lk about a grandstander. He probablys hook line, and sinker frienitm Comey. They have never found a TV camehey don't ve to be I fronof. The point that the president madehen it came to scooter Y. This somebody who wa wrongly convicted.he bn reinstated by the d.c.bar quite meago. The primary person that testified against him recanted their testimony. The president felt it was the right thing to do. These things havnothing to do with one another. Sarah Sanders thank you for your time. Thankou, George

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{"id":54480068,"title":"'Bipartisan consensus that James Comey doesn't have credibility': Sarah Sanders","duration":"9:16","description":"White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders joins \"This Week\" to discuss the U.S. strikes on Syria, and respond to James Comey's first interview ahead of his new book, \"A Higher Loyalty.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/white-house-press-secretary-sarah-sanders-54480068","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}