'This Week' Powerhouse Puzzlers: Test Your Knowledge

Here are the "This Week" 2013 Powerhouse Puzzlers

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April 04, 2014, 3:36 PM
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This Week Powerhouse Puzzler
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— -- intro: Think you know political trivia? Test your knowledge and check out all of the "This Week" Powerhouse Puzzlers. Click through to view the questions and watch the videos to reveal the answers.

quicklist:1title:January 12, 2014text:Which president gave the first State of the Union speech and where?media:23303950

quicklist:2title:January 19, 2014text:Who was the only president whose first language was not English?

BONUS: Which language was his first language?media:21590764

quicklist:3title:January 26, 2014 text:Which U.S. Senator made cameo appearances in four Batman movies?media:22030520

quicklist:4title:February 2, 2014text:Which president got offers to go pro from the Packers and the Lions?media:22334836

quicklist:5title:February 8, 2014text:Which actor has played a U.S. President – real or fictional – four times?media:22433228

quicklist:6title:February 16, 2014text:Which president’s inauguration was held in the Senate chambers due to a blizzard?media:22540343

quicklist:7title:February 23, 2014text:Who is the only Ukrainian to ever win the gold medal in Olympic women’s individual figure skating?media:22639001

quicklist:8title:March 2, 2014text:Who is the only U.S. president to head a labor union?

BONUS: Which labor union was it?media:22739406

quicklist:9title:March 9, 2014text:Who was the first U.S. president to visit a Pope at the Vatican?media:22838173

quicklist:10title:March 16, 2014text:Colin Powell’s appointment as Joint Chiefs chairman marked three milestones for a person named to that job. Name two.media:22931914

quicklist:11title:March 23, 2014text:In 1994, First Lady Hillary Clinton apparently said she might pursue which profession after leaving the White House?media:23026788

quicklist:12title:March 30, 2014text:Who was the first president to throw a pitch on opening day?media:23119111

quicklist:13title:April 6, 2014text:Which 20th century President painted this portrait of George Washington?media:23214167

quicklist:14title:April 13, 2014text:Who are the only TWO future presidents to sign the Constitution?

BONUS: Who was the oldest person to sign the Constitution?media:23309799

quicklist:15title:April 20, 2014text:What four words are written above the main entrance to the Supreme Court Building?media:23399155

quicklist:16title:April 27, 2014text:On September 2, 1945, Japan formally surrendered to the Allies aboard what American battleship?media:23490108

quicklist:17title:May 4, 2014text:Who was the first president to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner?media:23582488

quicklist: 18title: May 11, 2014text: Who was the first woman to give birth at the White House?media:23673271

quicklist: 19title: May 18, 2014text: What did President George H.W.Bush say was his biggest mistake in the White House?media:23768290

quicklist: 20title: May 25, 2014text: Jon Voight played a U.S. senator in what 2004 movie?media: 23862189

quicklist: 21title: June 1, 2014 text: See if you can spell the word that Merriam-Webster defines as the "scientific study of elections"media: 23947157

quicklist: 22title: June 8, 2014text: When was the last time the U.S. hosted the MEN’s World Cup – and who won?media: 24046864

quicklist: 23title: June 22, 2014text: Which President first nominated Justice Sonia Sotomayor to the federal bench?media: 24252829

quicklist: 24title: June 29, 2014text: What are Belgium's three official languages?media: 24355983

quicklist: 25title: July 6, 2014text: Who was the 20th century president born on July 4th?media: 24444406

quicklist: 26title: July 13, 2014text: Which Cleveland team won a championship in 1964? And who was their opponent? media:

quicklist: 27title: July 27, 2014text: Who was the first sitting president to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame? media:24732832

quicklist: 28title: August 3, 2014text: Name the president whose library and museum are in Canton, Ohio. media:24825947

quicklist: 29title: August 10, 2014text: Who is the celebrity on Nixon's enemies list who joined Instagram this week? media:24920143

quicklist: 30title: August 24, 2014text: What were the Emmy's almost called? media:25104539

quicklist: 31title: August 31, 2014text: What political figure was twice named MVP in the Orange Bowl? media:25196387

quicklist: 32title: September 7, 2014text: What year did "This Week" premiere?media:25328709

quicklist: 33title: September 14, 2014text: What year did the "Star Spangled Banner" become our national anthem? media:25494025

quicklist:34title: September 21, 2014text: The Constitution was moved to what location after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?media: 25656795

quicklist:35title: September 28, 2014text: What Olympic contest did General George S. Patton participate in? media: 25818636

quicklist:36title: October 5, 2014text: Name the state Prescott Bush represented in the Senate.media:25977534

quicklist: 37title: October 12, 2014text:Which four Presidents have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?media:26140119

quicklist:38title: October 19, 2014text:Name the former cabinet secretary featured on a Wheaties box this week. media:26306738

quicklist:39title: October 26, 2014text: In which decade did Queen Elizabeth send her first email? media:26465904

quicklist:40title: November 2, 2014text: Name the politician who represented both New Hampshire and Massachusetts in Congress. media:26638361

quicklist:41title: November 9, 2014text: Which American musician performed the biggest concert in the history of East Germany?media:26790507

quicklist:42title: November 16, 2014text: Name the Koala's closest animal relative.media:26951285

quicklist:43title: November 23, 2014text: Name the only president not to issue an executive order. media:27119299

quicklist:44title: November 30, 2014text: Which 20th century president moved Thanksgiving up a week?media: 27262381

quicklist:45title: December 7, 2014text: How much is the average American adult projected to spend on Christmas gifts this year?media:27426869

quicklist:46title: December 14, 2014text: Which president encouraged safety reform to football?media:27590657

quicklist:47title: December 21, 2014text: Who was the last president to visit Cuba?media: 27747874

quicklist:48title: January 4, 2015text: Who was Mario Cuomo's 1982 Gubernatorial opponent? media:27990141

quicklist:49title: January 11, 2015text: Which President signed a law making MLK’s birthday a federal holiday?media: 28309593

quicklist:50title: January 25, 2015text: Which sitting vice presidents were elected president?media: 28467881

quicklist:51title: February 1, 2015text: Which president performed a Super Bowl coin toss from the White House?media: 28645907

quicklist:51title: February 8, 2015text: Rosa Parks worked for which congressman after her arrest?media: 28813874

quicklist:51title: February 15, 2015text: How many Supreme Court justices have there been?media: 28983076

quicklist:52title: February 22, 2015text: Who Did the U.S. Beat to Win the 1980 Olympic Hockey Gold Medal?media: 29141422

quicklist:53title: March 1, 2015text: How many pageviews did the BuzzFeed dress story get?media: 29309916

quicklist:54title: March 8, 2015text: Who Will Be the Longest-Serving Woman in Congress if Re-Elected in 2016?media: 29482991

quicklist:54title: March 15, 2015text: First sitting president to attend a Final Four game?media: 29651798

quicklist:54title: March 22, 2015text: Who did Pres. Nixon Try to Set Up Prince Charles With on his 1970 U.S. Trip?media: 29823533

quicklist:54title: April 5, 2015text: Which team did the 1927 Yankees sweep in the World Series?media: 30109017

quicklist:54title: April 12, 2015text: Which first last said that "nobody cares" what the second lady says?media: 30263157

quicklist:55title: April 19, 2015text: Name the other ringtone on Sen. Pat Roberts' cellphone.media: 30429943

quicklist:56title: April 26, 2015text: Name the three previous female comedians to perform at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.media: 30595522

quicklist:57title: May 10, 2015text: How many consecutive years has it been since there has been a male U.S. treasurer?media: 30941552

quicklist:58title: May 31, 2015text: A spelling challenge. Click the video to hear the word!media: 31543038

quicklist:59title: June 7, 2015text: What percentage of the nation's pork does Iowa produce?media: 31595197

quicklist:60title: June 14, 2015text: Which Shakespeare play features the line, "Better to be a witty fool than a foolish wit"?media: 31757940

quicklist:61title: July 5, 2015text: Who scored the game-winning goal in the 1999 women's World Cup, and who did the U.S. beat?media: 32234635

quicklist:62title: July 12, 2015text: How long has President Carter been married?media: 32398448

quicklist:63title: September 6, 2015text: How much did the U.S. pay for Alaska in 1867? media: 33571803

quicklist:64title: September 20, 2015text: Who was the first pope to visit the United States? media: 33899636

quicklist:65title: October 25, 2015text: Which four sitting Vice Presidents were elected President? media: 34719726

quicklist:67title: November 1, 2015text: Which first lady wore this Halloween costume?media: 34895626

quicklist:68title: November 22, 2015text: Which president made Thanksgiving a national holiday?media: 35357599

quicklist:69title:November 29, 2015text: What are the names of the two turkeys pardoned by President Obama?media: 35476098

quicklist:70title:December 27, 2015text:How many Supreme Court Justices previously served as Supreme Court law clerks?media:35965260

quicklist:71title:January 10, 2016text:Which president gave the first televised State of the Union Address?media:36197873

quicklist:72title:January 24, 2016text:Which president had both the coldest and warmest inauguration dates?media:36487356

quicklist:73title:March 13, 2016text:Which country first enacted Daylight Saving Time?media:37616092

quicklist:74title:March 20, 2016text:What was the caption on Pope Francis’ first Instagram post? media:37794730

quicklist:75title:April 17, 2016text:Who was the only House Speaker to later become president? media:38465392

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