10 Great Places to Sleep with a Ghost

A good place to encounter a spirit might be a B&B.

ByABC News
October 20, 2011, 8:54 PM

Oct. 23, 2011— -- For some travelers, the ultimate amenity is a ghost. In a recent survey, 44% of respondents said they had visited a haunted house. More than a quarter said they'd like to sleep in one. A good place to encounter a spirit might be a B&B, says Brian Megless of BedandBreakfast.com, survey sponsor. "The properties are unique and full of stories and historical importance," he adds. He shares some favorites with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort

Nice, Calif.

The spirit of a former railroad worker is said to haunt one of the nine cabooses that make up this rail-themed Northern California inn. Several guests say they've seen a man in striped pajamas sitting on a bed in the Celebrations caboose, which is decorated for Halloween every year. 800-966-6322; featherbedrailroad.com

Red Garter B&B

Williams, Ariz.

This Victorian inn operated as a bar and bordello until the 1940s, which might explain the continued presence of Eve, a former call girl. "Guests have felt the bed shake and felt people touching their arms when no one was there," Megless says. 800-328-1484; redgarter.com

1906 Pine Crest Inn & Restaurant

Tryon, N.C.

Psychics say an energy vortex may be responsible for the otherworldly occurrences at this Blue Ridge Mountain inn. "The furniture mysteriously moves around in the guest rooms and common areas," Megless says. For example, a former innkeeper said he once woke up and found his dresser blocking the door and clothes scattered around the room. 800-633-3001; pinecrestinn.com

Penny House Inn

Eastham, Mass.

This restored 17th-century sea captain's house is home to several playful spirits, Megless says. One named Charlotte makes a loud impression. The staff has learned she loves to crank the volume of the spa's sound system. "They're really careful when they turn on the music," Megless says. 800-554-1751; pennyhouseinn.com

John Denham House

Monticello, Fla.

This 130-year-old inn has a long documented record of haunting — as does the entire town of Monticello, which is near Tallahassee. The National Historic Register B&B even hosts ghost-hunting weekends, where guests learn how to track spirits and collect audio, video and photographic evidence of paranormal activity. 850-997-4568; www.johndenhamhouse.com

Black Horse Inn

Warrenton, Va.

Three ghosts have been reported in this former Civil War hospital — a history that Megless notes "definitely makes it a little bit more creepy." One female spirit, believed to be a nurse, laughs in men's ears. Another spirit, the "Christmas ghost," seems to have toppled a Christmas tree several years in a row. Now the tree is wired to the wall. 540-349-4020; blackhorseinn.com

Magnolia Mansion

New Orleans

Travelers need only read the inn's guest book for accounts of the spirits seen here. "This may be the most happily haunted B&B on the list," Megless says. Guests describe hearing movement in their rooms at night, and then waking up to find pillows stacked at the foot of their bed, and their belongings rearranged. One woman had the sheet pulled up over her, and her cheek stroked by a spirit known as "The Caretaker." 504-412-9500; magnoliamansion.com

Ghost Rails Inn

Alberton, Mont.