6 Thoughtful Traveler Gifts

Gifts for the World Traveler

'Tis the season for holiday shopping stress. If you're looking for something for the traveler in your life, let's face it: The best gift is a trip. But if that's out of your price range this year, look no further than the "World Traveler" gift list I curated for Uncommon Goods. I picked my favorite six from the site, in a variety of prices.

PHOTO: For your traveling sweetheart, Latitude and Longitude Pendant, $150.
Uncommon Goods
For Your Traveling Sweetheart

Latitude and Longitude Pendant, $150: I love this gift for the special lady in your life. This pendant pinpoints any place in the world with hand-stamped geographic coordinates in latitude and longitude. So for example, maybe it's the place you went on your honeymoon or your very first weekend away together. And not to worry if you're not so great at geography, simply type in the location when you order and the nice people at Uncommon Goods will find it for you. The front of the pendant is a vintage-inspired compass rose. It has a sterling silver chain and the pendant itself is made from recycled sterling silver.

PHOTO: For your traveling child, the Travel Pillow Bear, $24.
Uncommon Goods
For Your Traveling Child

Travel Pillow Bear, $24: Traveling with children can be really difficult but this pillow makes it a little more bearable. This travel pillow bear is going to be the best and most cuddly friend your little traveler has ever had. It's a bear on the outside, but quickly transforms to a cushioning neck pillow. The soft, polyester fabric is filled with microbeads that provide comfort and support, so that you can rest your head without a kink in your neck. Great for long flights, road trips and other adventures, this pillow is sure to delight young and old.

PHOTO: For your traveling foodie, the Salts of the World Test Tube Set, $40.
Uncommon Goods
For Your Traveling Foodie

Salts of the World Test Tube Set, $40: We all have the stuck-up foodie in our life. This is the perfect gift to please your favorite gourmands. Not only is this a treat for the taste buds but it's really pretty to look at too. Six varieties are held in corked test tubes, showing off their unique variations even when not in use. The set includes finely textured red salt from Hawaii, coarse smoked salt from Denmark, delicate pink salts from Pakistan and Australia, white salt formed from the ocean in El Salvador, and black, flakey salt from the island of Cyprus. Each tube is labeled with the salt's name and usage, whether for cooking, finishing or table use.

PHOTO: For your traveling newlyweds, City Map Glasses, $12.
Uncommon Goods
For Your Traveling Newlyweds

City Map Glasses, $12 each: This is a great present for the just-marrieds in your life. They can toast to each other and their new life together with these rocks glasses with your choice of city etched on them. Choose their honeymoon location, the city where they first met or maybe the place they finally plan to stop all that traveling and settle down. The intricate city maps are interspersed with street names and sights worth seeing, and along the side of the glass are the geographic coordinates.

PHOTO: These state dish towels from Uncommon Goods make the perfect inexpensive gift for the traveling new homeowner.
Uncommon Goods
For Your Traveling New Homeowner

State Dish Towels, $20: So when I got my first apartment, my sister-in-law gave me dish towels and told me I could never have enough. I thought that was the most boring thing I'd ever heard and she was 100 percent right. No matter how many dish towels I have I always need more. So while they won't help much if you're actually lost in the wilderness of the Dakotas or the bustling streets of New York, each towel is a vibrant collage that will help you remember the things that make the place you call home – or the place you wish you called home – so special. And they're inexpensive enough hat you can give a set to remember special moments and places - so, met in Boston, moved to New York City, road-tripped in California. You get the idea.

PHOTO: For your traveling new parent, Baby Fortune Cookie Booties, $28.
Uncommon Goods
For Your Traveling New Parent

Baby Fortune Cookie Booties, $28: The thing that scares travelers about kids is that they won't be able to vacation much once their kid arrives. And while things may change a bit, you can help ease their mind by putting these booties on their baby and getting them started out on the right foot for a life of far-flung adventures with these charming fortune cookie slippers. Handmade from extra-plush fleece with floor-gripping soles, each slipper curls into a delectable cookie shape when not in use. They come with two thoughtful fortunes for the baby to grow into: the ultimate treat for your little sweet. Fortunes read: "From small beginnings come great things" on one bootie and "An amazing adventure awaits you" on the other.

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