Awesome Suitcase Weighs Itself as It's Packed

No more surprise excess luggage charges for stuffed suitcases?

— -- A Kickstarter campaign for a suitcase with a built-in scale is hoping to raise 95,000 Australian dollars over the next two weeks to make this luggage dream a reality.

No more overage fees at the airport? No more frantic unpacking and repacking as the people behind you on the check-in line glare and the clocks ticks closer to take off?

That's the goal of the TUL, a suitcase prototype that's raised almost $14,000 so far. The built-in scale means no need to lift the bag onto the bathroom scale.

"Simply close the lid of the designated suitcase, and without having to entirely enclose the zips, the press of a single button will let you know the weight of your luggage," the Kickstarter page reads.

"By simply pressing an 'ON' button, the weight of your luggage will be displayed on the LCD screen. The scale will be automatically turned off after 1 minute to preserve battery life," according to the Kickstarter campaign.

One design flaw that may deter U.S. travelers: in this prototype, kilograms can not be switched to pounds, though that feature may be added at a later date.