Dad's Instagram account spotlights weird hotel carpets around the world

“It’s probably to hide dirt, but they always caught my eye," he said.

— -- Dallas dad Bill Young likes to embrace the finer things in life.

As a corporate pilot, he often travels for work and stays in hotels all over the world.

To help pass the time during his layovers, he started a hilarious Instagram account, myhotelcarpet, posting photographs of the weird carpets in the hotels he stays in.

“It’s probably to hide dirt, but they always caught my eye,” Bill Young, 49, told ABC News of the wacky patterns. “Half the time, I’m walking around jetlagged, and you look down and it’s like, ‘What is this pyramid thing with these stripes coming off it?’ They always drew my eye as being crazy. You rarely see just a regular carpet you’d see in a house.”

Young has had this Instagram account for two years but only had 83 loyal followers until his daughter, Jill Young, tweeted about it.

Now her dad’s wacky account has gone wildly viral with more than 435,000 followers.

“It’s crazy. I still can’t believe it,” said Bill Young. “This is my 30 minutes of fame. It’s a fun thing. I don’t see this being a big life-changing event, but I feel like I have pressure to produce. I’ve got to create some more content. I was actually a little stressed because I’m not on a trip right now, but I have a trip next week, so get ready.”

Jill Young said she’s proud of her dad’s newfound fame.

“People are calling him the ‘dad of Instagram,’ and I’m loving it,” she said. “He tries to find interesting things all around him. He’s always looking for funny things in countries he travels to.”