Feeling Tired? Try a Sleep Vacation in the Caribbean

A luxury resort now offers an immersive sleep school for wealthy insomniacs.

ByNina Terrero
September 13, 2011, 2:38 PM

Sept. 14, 2011— -- Many exhausted employees long for a renewing vacation, and now well-heeled travelers can opt for a relaxing, immersive sleep experience at a destination sleep school held at the luxurious Lasource Beachfront Resort in Grenada.

The 4.5 star, 100-room all-inclusive resort situated on Pink Gin Beach provides a tropical getaway with the added attraction of what resort executives are calling the "Caribbean's first sleep school" and will be taught by Dr. Guy Meadows, a British insomnia specialist.

The sleep school, whose first two-week session is scheduled to kick off this December, is part of the resort's all-inclusive activity lineup which includes tai chi, daily pilates sessions, a Caribbean dance class, meditation, golf and tennis instruction, a variety of master classes and a scuba-yoga program, which implements yoga techniques for use in scuba diving.

Meadows, who has run a private sleep clinic based in London for the last six years, prides himself on his holistic and non-drug approach to curing sleeplessness – a method for which he says there's a huge demand.

"It's not about quick fixes or gimmicks, like lavender for your pillow. It's about looking at insomnia in a long-term way," he told ABCNews.com.

Luxury Resort Banks on Wealthy Insomniacs

Meadows, whose clients primarily hail from the United States and the United Kingdom, says that anyone can suffer from insomnia and that it can be remedied by implementing simple relaxation techniques. "Sleeping is a natural, physiological process and insomniacs simply need to learn how to sleep again and maintain a regular sleep cycle," he said.

Providing mindful treatment in a group setting at a resort is extremely therapeutic to guests given the isolating nature of insomnia, Meadows believes.

"Bringing therapy to a group of people who are experiencing all sorts of sleep and life problems in a really nice setting can be a very good therapeutic approach. Knowing you're not alone can be helpful for the patient – there's the sense that you belong and you're not the odd one out," he said.

Merging a holistic sleep seminar with a luxurious setting is an attraction that affluent customers ranging from CEOs of multi-national companies to overworked entrepreneurs won't be able to resist, said Lasource general manager Mark Grebby.

"Our clientele has over many years has been the European market, but more recently we've seen a massive increase of US clients, particularly from hubs like Miami and New York," said Grebby. "The sleep school will attract business executives around the world in need of sleep, but we also think it will be wonderful for their wives, ladies who don't have to work but don't want to listen to their husband's snoring."

Lasource management is banking that a week at the resort, which runs about $3,000 depending on the season, is a value that potential visitors can't afford to miss sleep over.

The Sleep School will be held from November 29 - December 6 2011 and June 3 - 9 2012. Resort rates vary per season but begin at $339 a night.

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