Flight Attendant Union Honors 9/11 Heroes

PHOTO: AFA International Vice President Sara Nelson and AFA President at United Airlines Greg Davidowitch mark moment of silence at 9-11 Memorial in New York CityAssociation of Flight Attendants
Flight Attendants mark moment of silence at 9-11 Memorial in New York City

The Association of Flight Attendants observed a moment of silence Wednesday at 8:46 a.m. to honor the 25 colleagues lost in the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

"These heroes were among the first to relay the intelligence that alerted our country and our flying partners in Flight 93, who in turn sacrificed their own lives to save countless others on the ground," the AFA said in a statement. "Immediately following the horrific events 12 years ago, flight attendants and crew members helped usher millions of passengers home to their families and loved ones."

In addition to a moment of silence, crew members will be honoring the 25 flight attendants lost that day at remembrance services and in other personal ways.

"We promised to never forget the events of that day and to ensure they never happen again," the association said. "Our heroes will forever unite us."

An online memorial to honor the 25 crew members is located at Never Forget.