Luggage Gets More Than $1 Million in Backing on Kickstarter

Trunkster's got things you didn't even know you needed.

January 09, 2015, 1:11 PM
PHOTO: This simple-looking suitcase is anything but.
This simple-looking suitcase is anything but.
Courtesy Trunkster

— -- A suitcase that claims to be Kickstarter's first million-dollar project of 2015 has pretty much everything a traveler would want in a piece of luggage, plus a few extras you probably never thought possible.

It has a zipper-less, front-loading entry similar to the way the overhead bin on an airplane opens. It's equipped with removable batteries and USB ports for charging electronics. It's also GPS enabled to help travelers locate lost or stolen luggage. Lastly, Trunkster comes with a built-in scale to test weight limits and help gauge whether bags should be checked or carried onto flights.

An attempt last year to fund a suitcase with a scale built in on Kickstarter was not successful. Trunkster, on the other hand, reached its %50,000 funding goal in the first 24 hours.

There are two options available: the carry on and the checked bag. The carry-on will retail for $500 and the checked for $600. Kickstarter backers can get the suitcases -- expected to ship in August -- at a discount.

Since Trunkster's Kickstarter reached it's $1 million mark, the creators say they'll branch out from basic black to more color options.

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