Man Films 10 Months of Travel in One-Second Clips

PHOTO: Michal Mikolaj Wojtuniks film captures 10 months of travel in one-second glimpses.PlayMichal Mikolaj Wojtunik/YouTube
WATCH Man's Video Documents 10-Month Trip, in One Second Intervals

A new video making its way across the Internet captures 10 months of travel in one-second glimpes, illustrating how a single moment can be transforming in its brevity.

Michal Mikolaj Wojtunik was discontented with his life in London when he decided to travel east to search for renewal.

"I wanted to experience huge amounts of meditation, as I was not very satisfied with my life," said Wojtunik, who headed to Asia. "There was a sketch that included Thailand, India and Nepal. But along the way I resigned from Nepal, as I got immersed in meditation during my time in India."

Wojtunik told ABC News that the most memorable part of his journey took place in India, when he turned off his mobile phone and stayed in silence for more than a month while meditating at a Catholic retreat in the Meghalaya state.

While the video does capture many images of monks, it also captures winding paths, fidgeting reptiles, pots being stirred in a kitchen and bucolic vistas. The video was posted to YouTube upon Wojtunik's return to his homeland.

"I'm in Poland right now, in my hometown of Jaslo in Subcarpathia," said Wojtunik. "As I was traveling since 2011, I want to stay at home, because finally, I can feel like I don't have to go anywhere or do anything special.

"That doesn't mean I am passive," he said, "but rather peaceful, calm and confident about the future and the place where I am. ... Surely, time will come to hit to road again."