Oddest Hotel Requests: Sex Chaperones

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Hotel guests often ask for extra towels, a high floor or firm pillows.

But what about a chaperone to prevent them from having sex?

That request was just one of the many strange ones that hotel chain Best Western received from its guests this year. Other strange requests included a group of men who wanted exclusive use of the hotel so they all could dress up in baby grows for the day and another group that insisted on only being served blue food.

"We always try to accommodate our guests' requirements no matter how off the wall they may be," Tim Wade, head of marketing for Best Western Great Britain, told ABC News. "Our hotels want to ensure that your meeting reflects your personality and believe that when it is conducted in an unusual environment you will get more out of your staff and the activity."

Forget the days of conferences just wanting a room with a projector.

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Some of the requests these days have been downright strange.

Take the group of sex addicts who decided to have their conference at a Best Western. (It's probably not a good idea for sex addicts to have a conference at a place with lots of beds ... but let's move past that.) The event organizers asked the hotel to have all twin beds and to provide a chaperone to make sure that everyone went to bed alone.

For another event, Best Western needed to ensure that a group was placed in a room with a very high ceiling. Why? Because they wanted all conference attendees to undergo circus training and apparently the fire juggling required a bit of extra ceiling clearance.

Then there was the lawnmower convention. The organizer there did not just want to showcase his product but to actually have his guests mow the hotel's lawns to try it out for themselves.

Strange and Odd Hotel Guest Requests

Another group was looking for a place to perform Reiki, a type of energy healing, on animals. And then there was the group that wanted only rooms with two twin beds so that each member's dog could have its own proper bed.

Best Western, which is a marketing and reservations coalition for independently-owned hotels, wasn't able to fulfill all the requests.

The Tall Club of Great Britain requested to take over an entire hotel but the hotel in question could not offer enough 7-foot-plus beds.

And that sex addict group? Well, the hotel couldn't provide a staff member to chaperone attendees and ensure that everybody slept alone.

Now, Best Western hotels in Great Britain -- there are more than 270 there and 4,000-plus worldwide -- are offering up some unique meeting options of their own.

Sky Diving: The Best Western Aberavon Beach Hotel in Swansea, South Wales, offers to take meetings to new heights -- literally. Attendees can spend the morning at the hotel and after lunch take to the sky for a tandem sky dive.

Tank Driving: A meeting at the Best Western Castle Green in Cumbria in the Lake District could be conducted behind the wheel of a tank while navigating a specially created obstacle course. Offering a great way to boost teamwork, it offered an interesting way to work through any professional differences.

Hovercraft Meeting: The Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel in Doncaster offers the chance to hold a team bonding session onboard a hovercraft. The members are challenged to move their hovercraft around a course while the meeting is taking place.