Starbucks Holiday Drinks From Around the World

PHOTO: Mocha Praline
Starbucks Coffee Company

When it comes to holiday food and beverage traditions, there are those passed down through generations and others defined for us by pop culture. Sipping hot drinks served in the iconic, seasonal Starbucks red cup definitely falls in the latter category, with beloved holiday beverages such as Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte making many merry and bright. But in other nations, different flavors are favored. Here is taste of what's inside red cups around the world.

PHOTO: Orange Mocha.
Starbucks Coffee Company
Europe - Orange Mocha

Europeans love the traditional combination of chocolate and orange, especially at Christmas. To satisfy cravings, Starbucks adds a twist of orange to its Caffe Mocha and tops it off with whipped cream and swirls of mocha sauce.

PHOTO: Floresta Negra Frappuccino
Starbucks Coffee Company
Brazil - Floresta Negra Mocha Frappuccino

With the warm climate, one of the best-selling holiday beverages in Brazil is a Frappuccino. The Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino, known as Floresta Negra Mocha Frappuccino, is inspired by Floresta Negra, or Black Forrest cake, a traditional dessert in Brazil.

PHOTO: Mocha Avellana Frappuccino
Starbucks Coffee Company
Argentina - Mocha Avellana Frappuccino

As in Brazil, the summer season in Argentina collides with the holidays. For that reason, the Mocha Avellana Frappuccino, flavored with hazelnut, is hugely popular.

PHOTO: Ponche Navideño
Starbucks Coffee Company
Mexico - Ponche Navideño

Ponche Navideño, aka Christmas Punch Tea, is a traditional Mexican holiday beverage combining warm Hibiscus tea with flavors of apple, guava, cinnamon and brown sugar.

PHOTO: Mocha Praline
Starbucks Coffee Company
Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan - Mocha Praline

Combining the flavors of smooth espresso with steamed milk, bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut, then topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle, this holiday drink is a favorite in Asian countries.

PHOTO: Christmas Blend.
Starbucks Coffee Company
Everywhere - Christmas Blend

Smell something familiar? Sumatra beans aged three to five years are roasted to develop the spicy, cedary and syrupy Starbucks Christmas Blend flavor that has been sipped during the holidays for the past 29 years.

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