Good deeds lead to great hotel deals

Volunteer in your hometown and get a free or discounted hotel stay there or elsewhere through some civic-minded new promotions.

Sage Hospitality's "Give a Day, Get a Night" campaign starts this month and ends Dec. 20. Offered at all 52 Sage properties, including the Nines hotel in Portland, Ore., and The Blackstone in Chicago, it rewards volunteerism. Guests get guaranteed half off or a free night (depending on room availability) if they bring a letter stating that someone in the party has done eight hours of service for a registered non-profit organization. For more information, visit

In the nation's capital, The Savoy Suites Hotel and The Carlyle Suites Hotel have a "Serve America and Stay in D.C." program that gives guests 50% off for five hours of proven volunteer work. Or guests can ask the hotel to contribute half of the room rate to organizations listed on