Affordable Trips Off the Beaten Path

Island getaways and local favorites from AAA.
5:56 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Affordable Trips Off the Beaten Path
Welcome to travel now I'm Karen Taylor. On this and we're taking you off the beaten path to find those hidden -- not always all -- radar. Here at all arms and testing New Jersey where you get lost in his huge -- You can have a great time. But despite its way out of here we're going to talk to triple -- travel editor Terry baker and he can give us some of his favorite -- The people -- destination. AAA -- other polls on some really cool places and I know you personally really liked. Find those. Hidden tens of little small towns and -- found one in Corning New York. I -- some great things. -- fantastic on the south some and it's broken Finger Lakes region there's a Corning museum -- -- is just absolutely fabulous. -- -- Norman Rockwell Museum -- -- of American jobs. And as the boss goes between pursues OCC. And then for adults when -- Kinsler had a funding go to Finger Lakes and wine region fantastic what can blame -- fight about there's a wonderful new whereas. Wonderful -- wonderful. I know you talk about solo trips -- a great opportunity to really discover new places and you found a couple cool towns can bounce back. Perfect -- -- a solo travel as well as twins if you trying to slow way to go you know enough been kind to him. Britain on your own noticed from this one would -- and this is an area of frozen cold Barlow had told. Is -- in all played completely surrounded by the Netherlands. And in their -- -- but it even sworn apostles of Netherlands and sometimes even small parcels of Belgium in that -- benevolence. It comes -- -- twenty years ago. And then -- become -- attacks faith -- you could decide. Who we want to pay tax on depending on how much it was. And now it's just fantastic place -- travelers to go to. And great hotels and been so wonderful yeah I mean. Good -- good cities. Wonderful everything -- about romance you wanna get who have that special someone you liked the Hawaiian Islands. France -- -- the most beautiful on in the bottom of being -- so far. It's quite in the -- I mean you can't look to fly because of others by subconscious side there's a one mile canyon which is every inch of students who grandparent. You have wonderful hotels. Secret beat CC fine and insists stunningly beautiful and you if you don't find romance you -- you have no hope that the what about the for kind of adventure a lot of us -- take -- and have that adventure -- -- -- and -- Lake -- I think is also far from here in New York City. It has ever admit missiles -- -- Olympics Winter Olympics is a little small -- -- Israel with high definition TV and multi million dollar. Franchise agreements. You see those venues and anything wiley and that's what -- that and that's more new price is wonderful -- -- self about a half mile north of the town. Wonderful we'll try being get a wife may have been may relate especially in the -- smaller. Mid winter freezes over a secure phone Mattel is so -- very -- with no coffee -- wonderful -- this is a very neat place. We have all year round going this summer -- winter that perfect. We're talking about for affordable financing -- -- -- is actually in the northeast usually don't think affordable in the northeast. -- -- -- -- -- -- And trustees by Smith violence in -- 100 and -- -- Virginia. There are about five mostly southern India -- -- -- Mexico right between the suit and is a fascinating to me because -- -- so close when -- in New York City. But bear populations -- our lives become a -- -- -- car you have saved my elbow. From Chris -- to Maryland. And as affordable bed and breakfast affordable wrestles them is just amazing what this place exists so most of its massive metropolis which -- -- -- -- What an exotic escape you know we always talk about that place that snow really gonna just be wow factor. We're Celtics the -- was what does that really mean it would could be Fiji could be we whatever -- -- -- country as a terrible Ireland but. It's about an hour and a half Bart train south of London has a massive costs away apostles -- -- And there's a whole region some Norfolk which is strange because -- some accounts if he -- six -- -- but they don't. And is this a lazy here's a wonderful river you can do Lugo walked around there's console is always there in the way you look you see this wonderful Carlson has history. It's -- fantastic beautiful -- no problems. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you stay in bed and breakfast hotels with a fast pitch Wednesday into the display in London or load very expensive as we know London going to -- in this morning's. Four hotel in our goal of bed and breakfast that region. The north. -- battles and that reason is the national park. Anderson and cries apologizes options and no Big Ten right now it's historic vacations that you found this place and we even learn about -- -- history. The -- who rallied right I mean there's so much history of the way you go. Not just resolution in history but also -- they'll still histories how we how you wistful. Everywhere you look Glenn was there you see how -- was -- mill brook. Suffice have discovered recently has a wonderful winery couple Hudson Valley about an hour and a half to -- the media. But as many towns that area cold spring Ryan back it's his list of the history another little -- -- -- Millwood. Which was formed by quite there's something commitment -- essentially is that in this free garden which is the most beautiful -- -- who have fallen in the world right now. -- -- -- -- a lot of these sounds you know are so close you just have to be able to discover them -- -- thank you so much for bringing us these great idea as a adding more to my bucket list now but if we want to find out tomorrow what would -- -- about the. Web -- AAA New York is WWW thoughts Carlin travel magazine dot com and vessels spells out perfectly fine also -- good ideas that.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Island getaways and local favorites from AAA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"14977146","title":"Affordable Trips Off the Beaten Path","url":"/Travel/video/affordable-trips-off-beaten-path-14977146"}