Airline Offers 'Mile High Club' Flights

Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air offers customers hour-long flights for $425.
2:43 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Airline Offers 'Mile High Club' Flights
-- scene takes on different. There's. Welcome to Cincinnati's flamingo inner where turbulence is expected. -- he would might hear once. It shot back of him with champagne cork. Thank god we Wear headsets and those are just some of the stories the pilots are willing to share. But many others as well as the mile -- client list. Stay in the cockpit forever what goes on behind curtains that would third rewards -- a matter perfect them with them. And I think that our customers really expect that the company's mile high offering a -- business. Flamingo how can -- help you we've done at an uneasy in one day today. We're the only ones in the entire United States mr. Aaron -- is the co president of the company in her. -- -- Probably 90% of these that are book -- book by women sometimes. They're trying to spark their relationships among them say marriage inside -- Cherokee six space is tonight. People get creative you're gonna have to be -- Plane is so small. It's almost a month. At the center of the plane a cushion -- -- as well as champagne glasses and a box of chocolates. The rest of the hour is up to you. We play up the romance. But it's not bent down and dirty let's go have sex and an airplane. You know. It's it's the romance of it and that's why we get the champagne and chocolates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a home run over great American ball -- his whole other -- They want to fly over some pointed out but generally -- They're not private thanks. The only thing separating you from the pilot. It's a small curtain. And his discretion he has no clue what's going on in the back because he's got headset -- flying the airplane. As for Cincinnati's conservative reputation. Outside on the street. We are conservative but you closes doors that Katie bar the door and 41 Kumble. The memory of the flight of fancy -- Remained well after the hour long flight zone. They just had a wonderful time and that was in the summer I remember the next summer -- a couple of god by fed. He with can.

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{"id":15603733,"title":"Airline Offers 'Mile High Club' Flights","duration":"2:43","description":"Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air offers customers hour-long flights for $425.","url":"/Travel/video/airline-offers-mile-high-club-flights-15603733","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}