Sometimes You Need to Get Away For a Breather

A company creates rental places where you can just get time away for a breather.
2:34 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Sometimes You Need to Get Away For a Breather
-- -- -- here all the stress. You know we could all use a little escape from stress every now and then but it can be hard to get away that's right now -- new startup company -- helping people find -- relaxing place to call their own for at least a few hours to get away from that stress. Here's ABC's -- contributor Tina trip. Near city it's time to stop -- doesn't just need a place to get a raise coming out and your local coffee shop. But quite cut it. -- in a -- there it's an unmanned space and -- teasing is apt to get some work done to contain and quiet basically to catch every -- Not here -- beside her home for the summer and get away this kind of work done. Back some of that. Read their works for like six car but for private spaces just look at printed out and when you arrive -- -- with an entry has. Unlike a hotel room there are no TVs or fancy amenities here and bathrooms are located on the premises but not in the -- -- Still it beats your other options still go to Starbucks and be able to find the one people in the corner that has known all over it that's a goal in nineteen because there's just not. That's good news. Three -- spaces are stylish have Wi-Fi. And another major opponents charging stations for your mobile devices. Users can stay anywhere from thirty minutes to all day. We're not going to be interrupted. In the space. -- like -- -- space and it's for anyone who needs some down time but it's actually suited for consultants in small business owners say just need. Five hours you're running a small yard shot -- -- idea home that you need new -- few times a month. For it is there for that kind that having meetings even have a professional looking. -- asked for security the rooms are only located in commercial buildings and closed each day at 10 PM. We have a network of people around the city -- and contacted at any time to become. Get how about anyone who's having any issues in the room whatsoever. So the next time you could use a -- just download the app and Brooklyn. Tina trend ABC news New York. The really good concept you know it started out of Canada one point five million dollar venture it's gonna be going to San Francisco soon but I have a feeling that New Yorkers will find a way to -- New Yorkers love stuff like that come -- with a whole new ideas from. 125 dollars an hour here in New York City to rent the space includes the Wi-Fi and here's the catch. The rooms are cleaned after each use you never know what's going on in -- each day itself. That play makes sense -- for businesspeople are coming in the coming days get a room maintained presents something.

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{"id":24957571,"title":"Sometimes You Need to Get Away For a Breather","duration":"2:34","description":"A company creates rental places where you can just get time away for a breather.","url":"/Travel/video/breather--24957571","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}