Delays at major airports due to air traffic control staffing shortages

FAA: Slight increase in air traffic control call outs affecting airports in New York and Florida.
3:00 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for Delays at major airports due to air traffic control staffing shortages
They 35. Of the federal government shut down and were following a developing situation related. To that shut down many major airports in the United States are experiencing. Significant delays slowdowns. The ground stops and much more and the FAA says it's due to air traffic controller absences. That is big news and who better breakdown big eight aviation news than our David Curley he is act. Reagan international airport David. What is going on. So this is exactly what officials have been warning. A shortage of air traffic controllers FAA saying there was a slight increase in those who called in sick it to sinners won here in Washington which is actually. In Virginia just outside of the Washington metro area the other. In Tennessee now this center here in Washington is critical. Because it takes care of the airspace around New York so somebody was to go into New York are coming out of New York it's that center here in Washington with a shortage. They had too much congestion especially LaGuardia which is a difficult airport to get in and out of anyway so there was a ground stop at LaGuardia for about an hour little less than an hour. And basically the FAA just said we have to slow it down. Get the traffic data here and then we will reopen the airspace and real and lift that ground stop and that's what they did. About twenty minutes ago the ground stop was lifted but the delays will continue. And this is exactly what we're expecting as a shutdown went along and what they've been telling us both the FAA and experts we've been talking to. Is that they will not jeopardize safety so in order to keep the system working you have to slow it down and that's exactly what we have seen. This morning well. Headaches for travelers to be sure about David federal workers are scheduled to miss their second paychecks today but. You have some information that certain TSA employees are actually going to be paid what do you have on that. Right so this is some good news for the TSA and we just learned that yesterday's absentee rate at TSA was about seven and a half percent where it's been the last couple of days. That's significant less than one in ten workers but still. Very significant so a TSA is done. Is it decided what they call re program which basically means. Use some money from 2018 in a different way and the way they're going to use that money. Is to pay the TSA screeners and other employees who make less than 90000. For one week the last week of December if they work from December 23 to January 5. They're gonna get a check for that one week so that's one week of paid in a month. But you can see TSA is trying to tell their officers listened for doing everything we can can you stay in the job until this shut down his ended. Here's a week's worth of pay hopefully this'll help you pay some of your bills so some good news for those TSA screeners. TSA trying to provide their workers a little bit of relief David Curley at Reagan international airport thank you so much for keeping us up to speed on what's going on how the shutdown is affecting airports.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"FAA: Slight increase in air traffic control call outs affecting airports in New York and Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"60625877","title":"Delays at major airports due to air traffic control staffing shortages","url":"/Travel/video/delays-major-airports-due-air-traffic-control-staffing-60625877"}