Explore Small Towns and a Family Fun Farm

Spotlight travel on Alstede Farm; journey through Washington state.
8:49 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Explore Small Towns and a Family Fun Farm
-- problem now I'm Karen -- and we're taking you off the beaten path first not often aren't in testing New Jersey let's -- I'm here -- -- -- the owner founder of this amazing property well temptation that you're doing here. And I smelled this pie when I -- and I'm not kidding that that's what we want. If you like -- out the -- like or order. Good spelling styles that we can get the -- and -- certainly -- favorite amongst our guests here -- renowned for our lives of several thousand during Thanksgiving. And on a big weekend day in October it's not uncommon for five or 600 five's -- -- which. One out of every four at least is just an apple pie the harvest apples by far the favorite. With -- in this time of year being the second favorite tell -- -- -- you -- in the story of the jam will certainly fresh fresh apple cider is a favorite. People love apple cider is impressed with our -- apples and other local apple enough for her -- -- -- outsider. Can't hand dipped. Candy apples that we make ourselves right here -- -- -- -- right now as well as caramel apples. Honey we have these that we capital world forms and it's a great antidote for local -- There's nothing better for analogy that using local money. And so we have a lot of money customers who specifically take it -- their allergies. And then of course is all sorts of fun treats for -- whether to caramel apple -- peanuts or. -- -- Believe in my children come here and now we have to put a restriction on the shelves. -- back I don't like people come for the -- but also for the activities telling -- some of the thinking how well we're real. -- -- -- -- And we have over a hundred acres of particular owning this through several other hundred acres of fruit and vegetable production everything we raise sold directly to victory -- Through our form here Omar formed Stewart -- markets throughout her -- accurately. And pick your own -- farms preserved. Permanently in the records department preservation program. And we even Tennessee yesterday community supported agriculture -- today here at CST distribution date you can see. Over 300 people can't pick up here like here. Some of the activities I -- kids playing paint bells and with a little -- -- to make it fun for kids and we really strive. Say. Our families and children we don't -- things -- he just mainly on on weekends Friday's pony rides. We have hate wagon rides every -- meet -- -- the Giant Eagle here that it's finally time. The average -- be built tunnel that it looked like through. It's a -- that type of bomb that kids love it now lastly about -- corn -- you understand without some famous celebrities even get lost in this well. Yes we do get some some on your -- -- New York City and dance around that come here Matt Damon's. I thought that Dave Letterman last year was Carrigan is -- unfortunately very bloody weekend in helped -- out cars. And then that -- -- very generous tips and to some local waitresses. Local eatery. We have the parties this year -- the Marine Corps. And that -- it depicts the raising the flag amounts are -- help our way is here for this visitors come to mean I know we have the regional area well. We certainly attract a tremendous number of visitors from all over New Jersey plus. New York City especially Manhattan Brooklyn and Staten Island. It seems like means in the Bronx Bronx those -- in the Hudson Valley when he goes on along we get the other three -- And -- we certainly attract foreign visitors as well if you would stand outside listened to languages. He would hear -- number both Western European languages. We have a huge Asian -- well so you'll see people from all over the globe here and it's really international environment. Our story last question factory has not off the beaten path why do you think this is a good off the beaten path. Well I think because it's far enough away from the city that is not the -- but it's close enough to the city where you can -- recently were basically one hour from any of the crossings. And so it's easy to get to for a Monday trip there's a lot to do in this area beyond the marchers on restaurants the beautiful part that you go hiking on. -- shops to go shopping incidentally something for everybody in the family. And I think that's like Chester -- Morris counties such a fun area this. Curt thank you so much -- -- and it take as key insider not -- -- understood by people who gave up the good. When you talk about getting off the beaten path it's great to travel halfway around the world that don't forget those hidden GeMS that are -- -- your own backyard. I grew up in Washington State and wanted to share three of my favorite fines that'll show you small town -- About special small towns in Washington State some of my favorite often eaten half -- are right on the water. And it doesn't get much prettier than Port Orchard on a sunny day and yes there are sunny days in Washington. Port Orchard around 111000 people and the town is located right on the Puget Sound. Thirteen miles west of Seattle with -- connecting the -- city. One of the things I love about Port Orchard Washington it's just coming down to the waterfront. That's because the waterfront is almost picture perfect almost everywhere you look it's like up close by so it's no wonder this is a favorite place for locals to hang out. I actually come down and -- the waterfront to clear my head. And the -- there it is amazing in the Puget Sound area is just smells great looks great Port Orchard. Main street is only a few blocks long but here you'll find some great little antique shops filled with all kinds of treasures. You'll also find -- -- restaurants and my favorite sugar stopped an old fashioned candy store with more than four dozen kinds of saltwater taffy. And movie buffs will love the pregnant wife theater with the Yankees tickets are just like. Look downfield theater -- -- old movies playing -- partly -- better I love it. Another thing to love the decades old Barry. Like coming down here that. -- fair -- wouldn't go over to our neighboring city of Bremerton. Or we can have nice -- -- -- Taking the -- there is also one of my favorite things to do just like its name it's a walk on only -- For two bucks it takes you across the water to the larger town of Bremerton where there's a big navy yard and be finalized -- Whether you wanna do a tour of an old warship or just relax at the popular Cantonese restaurant where for happy hour you export five dollar drink -- seafood. You'll get this an eighteen few of the waterfront for free. To check out another of my favorite small towns in Washington. You'll want to -- -- almost Canada to look -- the town of around 900 people that the chamber of commerce calls Washington's hidden treasure. It's on the water and it's known for its famous rainbow bridge built in 1957. My dad an avid -- has always love coming here and introduced me when I was just yet. There's a variety of great restaurants. Museums they just settles down on the water across the canal. There's fishing boat commercial fishing -- and offer crab salmon a lot going on here earlier -- I love how this town -- -- cultural -- with cool art galleries museums and shops and some of the best seafood. -- O'Connor -- tavern where they're known for their fish and chips and scenery like -- they're -- place since day like here on waterside guest house and channel watched. And just about fifteen miles north of the Conner you'll find some of the best dungeon has crabby and salmon fishing in the entire northwest. From my third favorite small Washington town you're going to have to leave the waterfront and drive over the cascade mountain range to the town of -- and work. From the moment the ride you feel like he stepped back in time to -- -- Bavarian village and that's exactly the plan. In the sixties when leavenworth was almost a ghost town and the locals decided to recreate the entire community of around 2000 people. As a Bavarian village hoping it would bring tourists. It worked and the tourists are still coming today charmed by the beautiful buildings heated with magnificent murals and shops filled with unique collectibles. Even the -- that on the visit our -- Hungry and you can fuel up for -- day of sightseeing at leavenworth legendary restaurant he -- -- the sandwiches -- always delicious. This town's incredible story and can do spirit make it magic. I'm -- jailer from all of us at ABC travel now thanks for joining us until next time they've dropped.

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{"id":14977192,"title":"Explore Small Towns and a Family Fun Farm","duration":"8:49","description":"Spotlight travel on Alstede Farm; journey through Washington state.","url":"/Travel/video/explore-small-towns-family-fun-farm-14977192","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}