Exploring Thailand from Bangkok to the Beaches

Thailand's capital city makes for a relaxing tourist destination.
7:23 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for Exploring Thailand from Bangkok to the Beaches
If you want to get a fast field for Thailand's capital city Bangkok. Just hop on one of these three wheeled taxis called took -- And for just a few bucks. You can zip around the city -- packed with close to ten million people from one of the skyscrapers above Bangkok separated by the -- crane river. Who looks almost peaceful. But backed down on the ground you'll quickly find a city that's pulsating with energy and activity. A -- colorful stock is Bangkok's flower market. It's overflowing with dozens of different kinds of orchids. Where you can unbelievable -- get a bundle like this for less than a dollar. This market is also where you can find people making beautiful an affordable flower arrangements for different special occasions. One of the things I love about Bangkok is how mixed in with all the businesses hotels and restaurants. You'll find hundreds of historic temples with sacred Buddhist dating back centuries. The majority of the population in Thailand is Buddhist so these temples are visited every day by locals pain they're -- packed. And bi curious visitors. Eager to learn more about this important part of the country's culture. In Bangkok this golden Buddha is one of the most famous. As the story goes it dates back to the thirteenth century. And was discovered in the 1950s. When it was covered with -- and accidentally got -- showing off this solid gold underneath. This golden -- weighs more than five times one of the most revered Buddhist statues in all the time and can also be found in Bangkok. Inside the impressive walls of the grand palace that was built in the seventeen hundreds under the command of Thailand's king Rama the first. He ordered the new residents built to house the emerald Buddha. Outside the temple of the emerald Buddha people lining up to see this iconic image. It's perched high on top of an elaborate 36 foot golden altar. And protected in a glass case the emerald Buddha is only thirty inches tall and he's actually made from Cheney. No one is sure where came from but it's believed it dates back to the thirteenth or fourteenth century. And is said to grant good fortune to the kingdom that possesses it. For another perspective that the city take the boat trip down the river where you'll find some of the top hotels in the world lining both banks. From the Peninsula Hotel. To the legendary Mandarin oriental. That was established in 1876. As the first luxury hotel in Thailand famous guests have included everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to -- -- And this property is repeatedly honored as one of the top hotels in the world. With 393. Rooms and suites there are also eleven restaurants. One of the highlights is the world renowned spot it's just across the river. In a classical Thai four story building made from golden -- will -- take a private boat to get there. And this peaceful retreat helps you be lax from the moment you blocking. And the ninety minute oriental signature massage helps get rid of any did you lie when the sun goes down also on the river. You can catch the -- of Thai dancers. At -- Vietnam restaurant where they serve up a delicious authentic Thai cuisine. And quality traditional entertainment. A favorite peaceful escape for the people who live in Bangkok and for visitors. Is to travel to southern Thailand about an hour by plane. And enjoy one of the many beach communities one of the most beautiful areas not overcome by tourism is called -- One of the great things about visiting trapping is that all of around here there are cool -- that you can explore. When you get out on a boat and start checking out the islands around crappy. One of the first things you'll notice is this stunning -- limestone formations jutting out of the water. These limestone cliffs make this area of Thailand one of the most popular in the world full -- -- climbing. Whether you're -- first timer or an expert. The -- are also popular for thrill seekers who want to climb up as high as they can. And then dive off. One of the top places to stay in crappy. Is that the -- of body resort and you could only get there by boat. It's spread out over 26 private acres of coconut grows. And the seventeen year old property is tucked away next to limestone cliffs that are so close you can reach out and touch them. The lush tropical study is both beautifully romantic. And -- With playful monkeys often swinging in the trees overhead landing on one building after another. On this property you have 982 story civilians they give you lots of space to relax and for a splurge. There are four luxurious two and three bedroom beachfront villas with their own private pools and lots of extras. The -- is surrounded by could be spectacular beaches and your state includes complimentary snorkeling kayaking and canoeing. The resort's award winning architecture is inspired by the feeling you would get visiting a southern Thai village. Where the emphasis is on community and making people feel truly at home and taking care of. That natural setting here it's very special for us from day one we have tried to preserve what is. Here before -- -- building -- hotels. Need to relax the resort spot is -- waste is -- bliss combined with charming whimsy. A fund monkey -- carries all the way through to the hand made monkey inspired massage tables to the murals on the walls. Don't -- trying one of the healing and energizing signature massages. Another highlight is the -- infinity pool that seems to stretch right into the seat. And this beach one of the prettiest in Thailand called -- -- It's named after a legendary princess the beach is breathtaking especially in the early morning before the long tail boats arrived carrying tourists -- -- also eager to soak up the beauty. To protect the beach lawn chairs and umbrellas aren't allowed but that doesn't stop sunbathers from staking out their favorite spots and enjoying the day. For excellent Thai food and fresh seafood with the creative player. -- -- -- a non restaurant has a primo spot right on the beach and is just a few feet away from the legendary princess cave. Where there's a special shrine set up in the princess -- honor at the other end -- beach you'll find the grotto restaurant and bar. Built partially inside an ancient limestone cave this is one of the coolest places to just hang out. And enjoyed a spectacular. Sunset like this one. For ABC news now I'm Karen -- until next time safe travels.

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{"id":15228377,"title":"Exploring Thailand from Bangkok to the Beaches","duration":"7:23","description":"Thailand's capital city makes for a relaxing tourist destination. ","url":"/Travel/video/exploring-bangkoks-beach-communities-thailand-capital-city-tourist-destination-travel-15228377","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}