FAA Investigates 'Harlem Shake' on a Plane

Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee team performed dance during Frontier Airlines flight.
1:06 | 02/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FAA Investigates 'Harlem Shake' on a Plane
-- Just like all foreign -- this video starts with someone in a man's dancing solo everyone else ignoring. This -- from Colorado College students stands out. Because it's done -- on a frontier flight. The organizer who did not want to be interviewed tells me -- -- banana costume and Abraham Lincoln -- for planned one day in advance. But those are kids -- at our school so you can feel like related to them like. And -- of them and everyone's watching them and it's really cool. But and there on a plane because you didn't think that they do it on a plane and get everybody on the plane to join it and we've confirmed that as the FAA investigating any violations. We checked with frontier -- a spokeswoman tells us all safety measures were followed in the seatbelt sign was off. Of the US -- and team did the same thing -- may be on there airplane. On the way to the London Olympics missy Franklin in the US swim team also got -- mid flight. -- not getting in trouble performing this lip dub scene eleven million times.

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{"id":18620537,"title":"FAA Investigates 'Harlem Shake' on a Plane","duration":"1:06","description":"Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee team performed dance during Frontier Airlines flight.","url":"/Travel/video/faa-investigates-harlem-shake-plane-18620537","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}