Hotel Pillow Concierge Helps You Get Your ZZZs While Traveling

With 60 percent of adults reporting sleep problems, travel industry getting back to basics
2:29 | 04/26/13

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Transcript for Hotel Pillow Concierge Helps You Get Your ZZZs While Traveling
From gemstone -- treatments to -- themed rooms to underwater hotel restaurants that travel industry is getting back to basics. And the latest craze is giving customers a good night's sleep. 60% of adults report having trouble sleeping almost every now and hotels -- -- places where you actually pay money Knisley. Are finally taking notice. The pioneer in taking sleep seriously is -- Benjamin hotel in New York City where there's a sleep concierge at twelve twice hello mania. And it sleep -- T yes that's a -- if you don't get your usual means. We noticed that a lot of -- travel with them pillows. So we wanted to bring the pillows to -- -- I detritus myself and -- networking news and have a baby I haven't slept in years. So why -- three -- elections at the Benjamin. This one is the clout -- know it's -- really nice and so. And you can some feel like is keeping an accounts. It's just went pretty popular yes it's there I think it's the -- that I -- is the most popular here right now this. -- that's that's about the pillow. It's actually one -- that favored pillows for opera. In one of thinking that you should mention that she liked about the pillow so that that was one of the reason why we got about -- -- -- -- and -- I'll bet make that. Real nice -- -- you -- -- the when you move your face -- run that. You get that's very nice and saluting. Sounds so and then. It's -- it's huge. Hint it's. It's five feet told pillow. And I am extra people elect they'll have to some thing or. If you have like feet problems like that keep your feet get swollen -- elects that swollen easy it's nice to put you -- -- a little back. So which hello one my slumber seal of approval all. -- Good night sleep without paying big box for hotel room. An hour prior it go to sleep -- come strongly recommend to shut down -- are turning device says. I shut the television found on the shut the -- computer and -- your phones in another home to this way if you lit happen. In the middle of the night you're not attempted to -- -- a -- and checking messages. And hotels aren't the only ones jumping on the sleep bandwagon. Delta Airlines is provided Westin hotels Amos heavenly batting in business elite cabins starting this summer. Now only we could figure out a way to sleeping coached.

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{"id":19053095,"title":"Hotel Pillow Concierge Helps You Get Your ZZZs While Traveling","duration":"2:29","description":"With 60 percent of adults reporting sleep problems, travel industry getting back to basics","url":"/Travel/video/hotel-pillow-concierge-helps-zzzs-traveling-19053095","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}