Life on a Viking Ship in 2016

ABC News' Charli James is onboard a re-created Viking ship, talking to crew as they grapple with life on the seas without technology and comfort.
4:43 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Life on a Viking Ship in 2016
A little bit about 1009 of the ship that they thought this particular sent him. No it's not from the it's you know it's not the founding. Norman. And we'll be calm mind is from this dog. Gone it. The Saugus. Home yeah he's stumbling or complete any. Time we did. Addressing. And then that loose. Yeah. Story can employees and they've been telling us what a relief it's funny. It. Talent Littleton it. We're yeah its it's business look don't trust. And there Reid is this. Everything it's. Food lead handmade. So we'll us from the house and it and it safe losses. Rent let them already sealed its giant as it is yeah. Talent because all of the land that New York. To get into the savings bond one in the halls. Or did you pass. He's like yeah. I'm pulled through to get that I can't I can tell are among the OK let's head to Laurence Maroney content of this. Either way it's. Unaudited crewmembers who have been sinking all on the way from north. Can you tell us aren't your name every from normally am I lost my name is sometimes. And that's not a little bit about your experience here on us now how long you can afford and live in the mind. The numbers in being the beginning of the and and since then we definitely have listened intently to innovate and help. The jet April 5 at 600 was extraordinary and you're right let's fantastic also painful yeah. Sort of Parse sometimes it was really minimal. You can let some members just didn't mean that was some things. Judy I would never get my night if I didn't. Hands on him as. I would definitely end of the accident but just healing our thanks yeah and look would you say was the most surprising thing. Well I remember once when I was sitting between that mean the end of the animals and again it doesn't I was very nice since the front seat. And exiting vehicles and Sunday that the phone from the way. I liked the way they they Wear. Turning don't. Just knowing that he likes the idea or not undecided at this there snow aren't. And on the other side when dealing with coming from and that another was in the snow yeah. Thank all went yeah and yeah. Atlantic Michael yeah. I expect benefits of a very important. Sea ice bags and a good time for the big openings. And what is your friends and family say when he told them that you are taking this job. They think that I'm pretty soon. My my father actually came to hugs and and recent spike in there was Sig by new earth did you think you want to see this woman does take that everything was. Fine and safe okay. And he proved that he. That militants. And he did things up. But it's not life and cruise ship her anything as far as diet and you must be in pretty close quarters with everyone that you earned. That your working went yeah college and how much personal space and there. Written nothing we welcome mat on the young I didn't like the are seeking you can post tax and then your own. But that there is no sir here's. And both in the tenth is eat that about eighth or seven people in one it's. He paid advertising goes to each other. I don't think it has an impediment to development. It's been nice I mean on the atrocities so cold I mean really helped that took keeping warm by sneaking back. And hound sleeping bag and thank you so it's nothing thank. Those are anything but. And despite.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"ABC News' Charli James is onboard a re-created Viking ship, talking to crew as they grapple with life on the seas without technology and comfort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"42256426","title":"Life on a Viking Ship in 2016","url":"/Travel/video/life-viking-ship-2016-42256426"}