Louisville's Hip Emerging Scene

Explore Nulu and downtown's 21c Museum Hotel.
6:46 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Louisville's Hip Emerging Scene
Welcome to travel now I'm Carrie Taylor and on this show we're taking you to Louisville, Kentucky. Of course Louisville as the home to the Kentucky Derby a legendary horse race that started back at 1875. But there's much more here including a vibrant arts and restaurant -- Louisville is named after king Louis the sixteenth of France and in this city it's all about a mixture of Houston and in -- -- -- Here you'll find old Louisville to have the largest collection of restored Victorian homes. Entire country. Covering dozens of city blocks and -- look at the newest hippest neighborhoods with funky art galleries restaurants and -- So let's head over to new. But one of the creative forces to the -- part of town gale Holland -- a movie and music producer gives us the inside skid. When a person here I was amazed at how many amazing artist stores that lived on east market street and in this area this area had a -- and -- -- -- like so or contact that. So I came up with the terms it was like New York global -- -- -- of new rules wouldn't cut is renewable it's you know old buildings and new ideas. I think there's twenty -- -- -- about when he -- art galleries and -- do. Wants an immediate kind of the one that's been -- the longest and has all kinds of stuff I mean -- with in the midwest area. The Green building gallery downstairs we have an artist that -- Olson's he's Brooklyn field and -- for you next week. We have an LA artist is down there right now. So many artists -- -- people have kind of creepy graveyard. You know Bjorkman starts -- work immediately fatal accident in -- -- I definitely think it was already attracting we have -- -- -- festival which is the closing night party right now festival we had 6000 people on the street street. We have the first Friday probably cops involved when he plus galleries openings and you know stores in selling enough -- that are trying to cover their monthly overhead. So we're -- theaters -- -- we want to be the design movement arts sustainable district for the department. So basically Hulu is a little bit like -- Greenwich Village it is four blocks. -- 150 year old buildings. That never got developed in the seventies. Never had torn down they still existed -- Jane Jacobs said new ideas -- buildings. And there's lots of cool creative you said -- -- -- ancestral district if the cafes amazing local foods local or restaurants. I counted the other David. Went -- new businesses twenty startups have blossomed into since 2000. During the Great Recession we've had twenty. There are no you'll boundaries in his it is almost like him -- -- -- even if here is how do you can live in the news it's a state of mind. -- creative progressive. Tolerant divers. Area just happens people can. When it comes -- finding a place to stay in Louisville -- all kinds of choices in different parts of town different price ranges. We're gonna have more on that coming up but first we're going to show you a top rated hotel in the city. Where it's all about interactive art. Well Steve Wilson and -- -- -- Found. Out of their -- -- born and raised taxes and they have a vested interest groups. What they -- believed it was preserving open space. So there their theory is that by revitalizing. The downtown urban core. It prevents suburban sprawl logical right so here -- these five really. Beaten up buildings on main street on the West End. I'm sitting there empty they said let's let's convert these into a contemporary art museum was really the inspiration. -- then the idea blended with well let's -- -- hotel. Let's do a fantastic restaurant along the way so you know this -- -- C museum hotel kind of popped up with the real inspiration. Revitalizing the downtown. Center main street. And really fulfilling their name of preventing people from taking open space while the whole idea related to get a sense of adventure so as you turn each quarter. You might be shocked you might be appalled you might find it beautiful. We definitely provoke emotion and I think that's that's the active good art in general. You have to bar one of the pieces in the bars is Randy which is the bronze sculpture at the end of the bar -- holding the apple the forbidden fruit. So that -- -- -- one one of the pieces I think right now the the raft as it's called which is the the car that's on the corner outside. Is really spectacular and that's part of the Cuban exhibition. -- this computer scientists. Put together this -- -- have to screen -- you see it. And letters you know or are dripping down and as you you know -- movements with your arms or any part of her body -- reading that of them letters stop. And form words and messages. The beauty of that is you have 67 year old people. They become twelve -- Within seconds it's it's fantastic. -- you'll see penguins on the roof. As far as outlining the building and then we have penguins that do migrate inside the building. They may end up in your shower that may end -- in -- bad. I'll take your door in the morning so it's this whole whimsical you know being in those that -- play. So nothing was happening down here on main street there were a couple of museums -- -- fantastic the slugger museum. The Kentucky museum of art craft which is across the street. And that was ulyetza what's happened is that it has reinvigorated. This part of downtown. People start to make here they and then -- -- Next -- we'll take you inside new hot restaurant and local stare at their favorite -- About. I am David -- going -- here we'll. Make -- I'm fine artist and most notably on -- If you're here towns and check out my gallery and the other Jones here in the --

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{"id":15198876,"title":"Louisville's Hip Emerging Scene","duration":"6:46","description":"Explore Nulu and downtown's 21c Museum Hotel.","url":"/Travel/video/louisvilles-hip-emerging-scene-15198876","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}