Miraval Resort Focuses On Mind, Body And Health

Grow your life, challenge your fears and say "yes" to serenity.
5:51 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Miraval Resort Focuses On Mind, Body And Health
-- Welcome to -- now I'm Terry Taylor. On this show we're taking it one of the top -- destination resorts in the world premiere of -- resort and -- Tucson Arizona. -- mirror ball is known for its legendary spot. At this retreat you'll find much more on the properties 400 acres Santa Catalina mountains. -- -- of all it's about opening eyes and minds and hearts and didn't like imbalance. For some people that might mean signing up for exciting outdoor activities. Engaging in self discovery adventures. Or one on one sessions with specialists. Helping with everything from stress to nutrition. I do walk and talk sessions here where I get people off the couch talking about some of the elements in their life. And we get gridlocked traffic moving on some of the areas of their -- they want change. And I also do -- -- called tennis tennis and rock general tennis. In which I talked a lot about the psychology of tennis and life -- a news sports -- the metaphor for life to get people. Help solve their problems and get out of their own way. Okay but let's dive right in right now that the challenge course and there's all sorts of cool things Hideo. Including -- called a swing and a prayer what you do first of all if you climb up a ten foot ladder. So this is a really good exercise. Little bit afraid of heights -- -- not afraid of heights. Because when you get to the top. -- here is gonna help me. And he is -- attach a safety cable to -- one of the nice things about a lot of these challenges at -- of all is they do the extra effort to make sure they're very safe. So you can feel sick here although it is still that this factor. In terms of your personally -- have that feeling but. You -- -- that -- completely safe environment -- makes a big difference. Okay. Scott -- in prayer and it's definitely we put it in for fun but it's simply a challenge for a lot of people -- -- -- Are up thirty feet in years holding on to your destiny and at some point the the it's very difficult. You get heights which Jones a lot of people and -- -- -- letting go. Control -- account. -- told me take a moment kind of think about maybe some things in your life that you want to -- -- love it. I think that's the hard part for her I think myself and a lot of people of letting go of something. Not to mention letting go of this nice little -- to. One. -- People -- Looking for confidence this is a great great list behind. If you're scared -- -- -- -- be. And we're here with the way away have you are the founder of the program it's not about report. I was able to take look in part and it's amazing that tell me that about it wouldn't. Wolf. Primarily it give people an opportunity to come down here interact with a sports. And do what they're not accustomed to doing -- to focus internally but instead of focusing externally. And you'll be given. And a few -- he'll be given up you to look who left them learn BAT's. He lives. -- -- -- in this. Organic material. There's no telling -- under that. In order for the horse to lift. You have to feel safe and you have to be to be clear here my intention that's to be -- If you're trying to hide something of -- Yeah oh yeah I'm I'm on a roll of who I need to be in order to get him to and I -- -- -- a moment ago getting another horse to like me. And listen and do. This. He -- you know you. So takes quite a long time to build a relationship with a horse as it should with humans. So this is by giving you a chance to look at your story he will happen parcel now I'm thinking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She got -- she the end of horses -- -- -- -- -- Coming up more about your -- including the legendary spot and we'll have some healthy cooking to.

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{"id":15404873,"title":"Miraval Resort Focuses On Mind, Body And Health","duration":"5:51","description":"Grow your life, challenge your fears and say \"yes\" to serenity.","url":"/Travel/video/miraval-resort-focuses-mind-body-health-15404873","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}