Mob Museum Goes Gaga for Gangsters

A museum dedicated to organized crime opens in Las Vegas.
2:05 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Mob Museum Goes Gaga for Gangsters
Cameras may have the -- Washington DC may have the Smithsonian but Las Vegas. Now has -- no other city passed a museum honoring organized crime. Actually di Martino of our Las Vegas affiliate KT NV has this story. Their great museums around the world -- modern museum of art the metropolitan. There's nothing like this one and that's -- we are part of our culture it's part of -- past. It kills so intriguing there is no need for -- -- the mob museum reveals an insider's look into the event since people on both sides. And in Vegas if you know the mob you know the Goodman. So of course so many of these names -- so familiar to me because Oscar represented so many of them that I didn't put the face. With the name. My life sort of tumbled out in front of the summit that is in this museum you that was a very special day for me because it brought back memories as to what. I did as a professional. A defense attorney. -- CNN has some of the most iconic artifacts including the brick wall from the saint Valentine's Day massacre. And the barber -- -- that Albert and his days you know was murdered and I -- I common. Yes this is one of the many exhibits here in the mob museums so what you're looking for Las Vegas history or -- history here. Trying to find one of your family members in this museum has a little bit of everything. There's also a variety of interactive exhibits and films what is your. Favorite thing in the museum. My has spent. Visitors can shoot listen really did Tommy gun and listen to real FBI surveillance tapes keeping an -- Stiller around. The only mobster who or alleged mobster reformer mobsters -- -- personal -- -- Kaman who wants to come to the yeah opening tomorrow. That was -- -- -- actually di Martino reporting the museum actually opens later today on Valentine's Day which is of course no coincidence it is the 83 anniversary. And the -- -- massacre when members of bugs Moran's gang were gunned down Chicago by Al compounds --

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{"id":15583642,"title":"Mob Museum Goes Gaga for Gangsters","duration":"2:05","description":"A museum dedicated to organized crime opens in Las Vegas.","url":"/Travel/video/mob-museum-goes-gaga-for-gangsters-in-las-vegas-15583642","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}