Navigating travel troubles amid flight cancellations

The Points Guy Brian Kelly discusses what to do if your flight is canceled, and summer travel tips for flying to the E.U. as travel restrictions are lifted for Americans.
4:16 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Navigating travel troubles amid flight cancellations
And for more on the busy summer travel season ahead in the flight delays and cancellations and Americans could encounter the points I'm Brian Kelly. Joins us now thank you so much free time as always. Our cancellations at not to spook you into recommending travelers avoid flying American Airlines altogether this summer. Well certainly it's something you'd think about it over 300 flights have been canceled in the last three days and they're planning to cancel more flights as the summer intensifies. I wouldn't say necessarily avoid them but definitely no matter what carrier your on this summer double checked to make sure that your flight is on time in a lot of airlines have actually canceled and rescheduled flight so it's always good to go into double check your reservations. And what's your advice if you haven't planned ahead and end up stuck at the airport airline called sinners as you know been backed up for hours. From those who are trying to hold on and get an actual operator so how can you get through and find a way to your destination. Well so the first thing I would recommend to your place canceled you're gonna get a refund you don't need to wait six hours on the phone to get that day even if Jeffs awaits a later call one mining cancel its so regal yourself don't wait in line to be re booked because you know generally there few seats available. Get on your phone right away and read book. Even on another carrier. But if you really absolutely have to get in touch with the airline you can always try to be a social media. Or one of the tricks used in the past his call in international number for an airline. Because you can often get for right away. And most international agents how to speak English anyway so little trick us in the industry you. Yes some great advice there and also talk about the news of the European Union is now allowing travelers from the US what are travelers need to know before they buck. But the person you need to know is that there's no one rule for all of the EU so for example Italy still requires multiple coded test for tourists. Whereas Croatia and Greece are much more open and also if you're traveling with children and the rules very. By country for example France flow allow unvaccinated children in. As long as you are vaccinated so the devil is in the details into your resource research before country. When are they say is a best time to book a vacation trip to Europe. I'm looking right now I I'm going twice a summer Spain and Germany cannot tell you what I've never seen more frequent flier mile award availability the Siebert the cheapest level. In probably a decade I just looks set and business class tickets on the times a using the cheapest amount of mine also. And also you're not gonna check crowded this summer so I think it's an opportune time to go explore without the crowds. And really cheap fares for sale under 500 dollars round trip that's cheaper than going from New York to Miami. So that's so great price. And what are the airlines and European countries need in terms of proof of vaccination. Yes you know the CDC Carter in the beginning we were worried in general vaccination should be on World Health Organization cards but most countries are accepting. The CDC Carter and you know and Iceland when you are right decent we showed him your car. Some countries will require cogan tests you know go check that you check your heart. But it really just depends yourself to be mindful connecting through the UK which is not yet open. Or at least greeting listed for US citizens you you still vehicle testing connects through certain airports so my best advice is one possible book nonstop flights. Because when you add that stop over your ad in a whole lot more complexity. And lastly what do you want to take a family vacation or what should you know about traveling with kids. You know so most kids can't be vaccinated right now secure nervous about it. You know on airplanes even though there is a federal mass mandate until September. You know people still aren't allowed to eat and drink without their masks silence of your work exposure with your kids I recommend. You know take that road trip this summer although national parks are as crowded as ever are many of them are now requiring reservations even to hike. So the number one role of this summer is booked in advance. And don't assume things are going to be like they were pre pandemic. Our connection got an all planned out the points guy Brian Kelly thank you so much for your time and insight as always. An newsrooms.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The Points Guy Brian Kelly discusses what to do if your flight is canceled, and summer travel tips for flying to the E.U. as travel restrictions are lifted for Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"78412361","title":"Navigating travel troubles amid flight cancellations","url":"/Travel/video/navigating-travel-troubles-amid-flight-cancellations-78412361"}