Passengers Prepare to Board the First Commercial Flight to Cuba

ABC News' Serena Marshall at the gate in Fort Lauderdale airport as passengers gather to board the plane.
5:12 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Passengers Prepare to Board the First Commercial Flight to Cuba
I was universally ABC news welcome back taking. Out this morning when they had catlett has there are not your own place to keep but it is the first. Scheduled when the play to keep feminine half a century and I'm here now the gravity. Rodman is the CEO and president Lou yes thanks for joining us today and somehow morning. And so yeah. Good airlines bank. 02. 55 years ago with the law scheduled flight to Cuba and here we are. We'll look out Hollywood at 431 who goes 55 years late Aaron jetBlue is they tell you the president reflect on the Cuba. We also excited I've been means so much cross Cuba means so much too often we just Oklahoma tonight on. Yeah let me. And you got that your work things. The club. Snow fell around. We we have some lifetime free drinks and snacks and could be getting hungry. We are ready when it makes my remarks in a few minutes. We know it will apply not just went through on the right side that is behind me. I'm good Hornaday is president of flight on time on time. Fingers crossed. I mean the first plane to Cuba then a big process that only. Not even just over two years ago President Obama and made this announcement when I restore diplomatic ties. We've heard that what you think about. What we actually. We're getting ready for this years ago five years ago we started charters is that here we wanted to do not operational. I'm learning a great and I UConn did not very successfully without talk on this present when the US government made the announcement. Very intensive and are scheduled service to reason we were ready and we haven't seen on the ground working extremely hard I've lost a few months. To make sure that we've. And you obviously isn't up to the same levels that America is more. Equivalent to that they're real country wasn't working with them and keeping government or anything is possible. I'm not gonna say the the aviation infrastructure in Cuba is not quite competitive at. Needs. International standards it's very similar to what we see in. Other cows in markets. They're ready to go out and they've done a really incredible jolt if you think about it no movies US allies when it. Mind and again they've quite patiently worked through god I'm gonna ask ready to beat us tonight. The Cuban government has been great on the arts in this process. In part of the goal in opening up the play yeah. Every day American. Making it more like playing any other. He praises yeah an accident. I don't know people aren't able to take airplanes in the ascendancy and vacation I think tango her other experience like that but getting his. So do you still have to be one of the twelve reasons to travel about a dozen times. Sotheby's and actually put tourists. And you can get it yet when you leave that you don't have to live. I'd recommend people they get it jetBlue dot com. An example content Google com and really Lopez available. Includes a 35. You can building affidavit now online nonsense you. Traveling to one of the twelve. Permits it reasons. Includes the the ticket price includes the weak health insurers don't want a barbecue I think you've come to the apple. Checking. You couldn't have picked up you'll be. And he's like yeah and 99 dollars that in his count in this I knew he hollered you. Yeah units are 99 dollars including the one preacher. Includes the includes. Helped influence. It's a great film that going to be a great feeling here is exactly right now yeah. Right now you know we don't we don't pull the problem pricing will be concert doc five. Thanks to do it again that they love Maginnis thank you. Okay line you guys have been going get this show on the running again showing the look at it can't get him back on time has gone yeah. We're going to be on average lately he's been taking you and I'm glad it's analyst. The very first let it also picked. I'm does around news flight schedules lightning are no longer target here commercial plates and apparently that ultimately got coming airlines. The other airlines that are out there aren't mutually. US airlines might help them find city going to 98 but not. Back just yet those. And the regulatory process. Separate application with the Department of Transportation but we do expect even with Havana places certainly the end of the year ended the year that he hundred independent round trip. Daily flights to Cuba from the United States. Huge change. The last half century yeah ABC news coming back to your diet brand everywhere as we continue on. Historic first place.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall at the gate in Fort Lauderdale airport as passengers gather to board the plane.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41769200","title":"Passengers Prepare to Board the First Commercial Flight to Cuba","url":"/Travel/video/passengers-prepare-board-commercial-flight-cuba-41769200"}