Peek inside the mini world coming to Times Square

ABC News' Angela Williams takes us inside Gulliver's Gate, Times Square's newest attraction.
21:00 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for Peek inside the mini world coming to Times Square
Hi everyone and it's Angela Williams with ABC news I'm here in New York. And in new attraction coming to the New York area of that. We'll probably blow your mind a little bit we here at Gulliver is gay and here with the chief marketing officer Gulliver as gate Jason Hackett I think I Angela and welcome Dave and I've already seen that. It's a little bit about what's to come but we're gonna give people a sneak preview of his new attraction tell us what we're here board it will we're going. We're here to show you in miniature version a miniature interpretation of the world we've taken what we call the greatest hits of humanity. And we put them together in a whole bunch of exhibits that are interactive and lit up and show you great things like the Great Wall of China. And the forbidden city and in Beijing with socially and a few moments to a bustling metropolitan landscape of New York. Can't wait to get right to because this is pretty fantastic when you guys as you see if he walked through gonna get going here. But you'll see the incredible attention to detail of that and worked us. While your mine also that I think this my first time reporting live from Thailand. Yet we're in Thailand right now and because we make up around geography we know from Thailand. To the steps of Vietnam across the South China Sea to Beijing. All about ten feet earth so some people so everyone out there what we're talking about here because. Let me take guys that's what walking through this is under construction because that action hasn't opened yet. Hasn't opened yet in truth is we're going to be a work in progress forever this is about seeing things being made in making the world that we want to be in. And here is actually doing details on people and on the Great Wall of China. Which we'll see in a moment and it's always a maker space no matter when you come you're gonna see people engagement model making engineering creating this is about making things. That you have in Times Square is it's pretty huge or. 47000. Square feet met Max or something about the size of football field so it takes folks about ninety minutes to walk through the entire thing. And you know we say miniature brick miniature in the size of a football field. So you get to see a lot of miniature in one to 87. In the size of a football field. So we're in China right now and we're in Beijing specifically we're looking at the forbidden city. To our left is the cctv tower and then we get to jump right over to Shanghai and see the pearl. And behind that we jump to Malaysia and see the patrol. This towers. The ice as these. Incredible. Portions of the -- attraction are put together where they are made here and the through. They weren't they were actually made in model shops around the world so our Asian models built in Beijing. As we go through the other models we are they were built in Saint Petersburg Russia remaining Italy and Brooklyn New York. And think everything the. The entire exit its interactive so anywhere you see track there trains moving anywhere you see rode their cars moving. There are little miniature people throughout. And it's interactive because lots of things move in turn when you push a button or insert your interactive T that every guest get when they get here. About half the profit happen and it bit someone go to these places and take pictures and then how did this come together that they start. Absolutely soon we conceived the project we knew that we want to show specific greatest hits of the region we know we want to show angle watt as an example. But then we worked with our local model makers who wants to important events of each region reflects how the model makers see they're part of the world so. This is a reflection of how the model makers in Beijing wanted us to interpret Asia. Other automakers from different parts of the world market on each different exhibit and then somehow they painstakingly. Managed to bring these things together and see. They package it up very carefully put into containerized ships and senator over here to the poor and then we brought it over here. And with our model making teams and sometimes they even sent teams they put it back together and finish it off here. About abdic act I see as we go through we'll see. You know that the screen saying you know there. That separate branches and we just thought team. Coloring and decorating people. How many people may we need him to get them at a rapid than her. When we open will be about a 100000. Many people throughout the model in different places from here in the forbidden city to Times Square rule will wind up or torn. I went looking again. We're at the top hall we moved to India would move in and we feel like. And that it. And it. Credible. Raffle well. A and. That's right so again were able to put India right next to Cambodia. Because of the things we want people to see him in a way this gets a chance for people to travel around the world just by walking around more. And less Olmert now because this giant thing over here is it looks like. A big head to me it does it doesn't. Oh. That's right we want everyone be part of our world so this is actually a body scanner at 3-D body scanner. Folks step in there and a 120. SLR cameras take your picture and 1500 of a second. And then they render you out and our 3-D printer located in upstate New York prince you out and then we which in the model. Amazing technologies. Essentially it's kind of like gum. May be Catholic when you go to an airport in. Exactly the same sort of idea instead of extras they were using cameras just like the kind could buy in the store. And but it feels just like that you step in your photos taken and you step out we get to show you little animated get what you look like in 3-D. And then if you want approach in which an aunt and one of twenty spots in the world we could put him to see become a permanent residency the forbidden city. Or Paris could. The resolutions are meeting the print is so great I want people come in with morals and stripes and see what happens. Okay so like with every grade exhibit there's kind of a heart of the exhibit where it you know everything that. Mix of it makes all the magic happen. Brains if you're well so every wire every piece of circuitry comes back your tore controller we can show you everything that's going on in the exhibit at any time we even tell you. The people come from. Ellen hair and well it it. Say we're doing news our program in television you know pat me. The heart of where exactly. What can you open air. So you know we sort of took hidden figures are Apollo thirteen has or inspiration sort of NASA style on big screens. Over there you can see we've got a map of the entire place that we can see what's going on here in New York is blinking red right now because they're working on. Different control systems for trains and cars over there we got. Our ticket system going on over here and just various processing and computer processor associate with the trains and planes that were building. Really these guys have allowed power in here huge amount of power and we got a windows of the guests can talk and asked them what they want to do we don't wanna keep the terrorist cells who want the guest experience what it's like and and ask questions. We'll interactive is pretty amazing so we walked out in take and to continue the tour do it. Okay I'm sorry photographer wouldn't give him a little. Nudge as we make our way around because this pretty huge basin as we said this is all under construction. So. You know ours that opened in dispute. April 4 is our first preview and so we're inviting guests in to see all of this on April 4. Experienced the rolling got hot offer and arm auto makers in our engineers and technicians are gonna be there right alongside our guests continuing to build continuing to make. And on May ninth perhaps a big party in opening the doors and bringing people in and that's that they were really Foleo. See that there is so much work happening here. As we walk around we seen. Construction in different Ares tickets to people everywhere spent. There are there are construction people their model makers there engineers there are artists there are storytellers. We literally if you've got a creative pursuit chances are somebody who goes would you like his walking around your summer. It. Yup so it started out as a dream in a conversation six years ago work started in earnest about three years with. Searching for the space doing the concept design and sort of really designing and building thing. The models took about. The last eighteen months of designing building and we've been in stone here since late December. And if that's an incredible project. How many teens have been working. To pull everything together big as far as you know is there a different T for each model. So each model was built in a different region so they sent their model makers over to finish and then we have three separate teams here working to finish out models to build out our airport. On and to do spot checks insert crickets on different thing so three internal teams and six abroad. OK and that it you're going to do something in like this and at forty. 47 out of the court of public space is thinking you've landed pretty good location and time. You know this. One of the reasons we set out to do this was it is surprising delight inspire people we want to do it on the biggest stage we could so New York was an. If you're going to be in the heart of the world you Mays will be in the heart of the heart of the world so we're better than times where. How can you been missing that ins and outs of every part of this exhibit so tell me do you have a favorite part that stands out for you yet. I do we have a little model chicken display in Russia gonna show team. And David our photographer right now he's isn't this about Russia is this entire it's okay. It's my favorite. Paid they don't let you catch up with me. Focus here I. Love this because it shows the level of detail. And just how funny and cute this thing can be. Social those tiny little chickens pecking at tiny little mail it in a tie your little heart. Inside a giant model of Russia. And to me this just sort of speaks volumes along would expect this and it's just kind of cute and funny and wonderful all of the same time. The chickens are there. And the chickens the size of a grain of rice I think it's kind of crazy. It. Placements on the backs of people that working on and you are now is really at work progress and they're doing everything they can to get this place open it set up for you in just a few days. David asked that we switched positions with you because of the construction let's see we can go around you in them may be. We can go this way and that might make that a quest to be disheveled what's happening here and it's how where waves in. Five minutes of conversation removed from Asia into Europe through Russia and into Europe and right now we're in front of locker triomphe on famous French landmark. There were moving through time and space so this is the contemporary art the tree home. But right next to our version of the Eiffel Tower which we're showing is being built in the middle of the nineteenth century seek its it's finished on the bottom of like we walk around here. He conceded are sort of fun version of the world not only are they using cranes to help bring up the next piece but we think a hot air balloon can help out too so it's lit and an up as well. I the best thing about the debit and I've noted that I think there's something here not. Report took. And I don't think anybody at any age we'll get a kick walking in this. It. Yet they well I you know I brought my little one through the other day she's nine she was a maze of everything and running around looking at it. And you bring three adults and adults are remains that if there's there's. World history here at there's designers are there's culture there's engineering and so and you can experience on a bunch of different levels it makes a really fun that way. Me. It's Morrison that people exit that actually litany area because this is something for everybody knows that locked. Active well they'd be actually have the opportunity. To control. Like what happens in some of the areas where they are. Absolutely so I showed you those chickens before folks will be able to come and put their interactive key into a keyhole turn on and they'll make the chickens gout. They'll make the bull ring happen all that great stuff. I mean. And I'm now where we. They couldn't do it were by the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And again our world we think that anything's possible so we got a couple of guys they're trying to help us get the leaning tower Pisa. Not a lean so much anymore. Area. I love that and and then as we go through it move we're still in it were still in. You can you can tell sometimes that you Wear the model was made those model makers take great pride of place so we're we're still in Italy ousting him. Vatican. Back there we've got a policy and and and the bad back in back there we've got the yachts a San Marco and the toast palace in Venice here you can even see a little gondola making its way along the canal over in the corner. I love at the gondola is actually moving in making its way through the canal with this pretty. Amazing so I got a little go all the way around and then now women make it out wait you know some people that live. In this New York area. That may. He thrill to see as we work our way around to New York without through. These are neighbors of the north as our interpretation of New England so everything from. The foothills of Connecticut to white mountains in New Hampshire to ski slopes in Massachusetts. Which really really trying to give you very typical moving and experience here. With trains everywhere. Ski lifts that works here's that come down. And really serve this is and one of the great things about our region where we live. Love the fall look with an update. Now we just remind everyone that we walk through this exhibit this is the first. Time that we're giving knew what they think of what that this. The avenue attraction has not open to the public yet but the Baltic Oliver's been kind enough to give us is McPeak and if you. Or what you think that there beat them exceptionally. Workers because they're working feverishly to make sure that everything is off then that's right. Now. And are. The heart and aren't New York. Of severe real or in Times Square. And we got the TK TS group. And degree hurly burly that's going on there and borrowed time Times Square billboards everywhere. Traffic of course you can't have times where we are having a little bit of traffic. Signs for sure who's. And because let's go overs gate we put it right next to. Hudson yards and a right next of the high line right next the Empire State Building C get to see through the greatest hits of our city all on one place. You see the greatest hits. Of all these wonderful places altogether and one place and I tell you guys really how did you stuffed with New York. Thank you were you know it's a hometown it's what we know whatever one's gonna wanna see it's the first thing guess see when they come in so you comment. And you get to see one World Trade Center rising up in front of you the Brooklyn bridge and of course the populist down it. World Trade Center and so it's really it's an experience the people we really want to have about New York. That you know like the walking through here it and seeing some of the places that you've included and the attraction and makes me want to travel Morrissey some of those. I love hearing that right because I think. This is one of the great things that an exhibit like this does it inspired you may be inside inspires you're an engineering science or maybe inspires you see these places which you've only seen as a model for hours. Well that you know that. Live in the areas they don't have a chance to go around and even have talking someone yesterday and they were saying that they lived here. For a long time but there's so many places in New York many of the Mays ice that they never seen. That's right in the and you get to be a course in your own city you get to see things that. Maybe you don't get down to maybe live uptown you've never gotten a chance to come down and see the stock exchange may be live downtown and you've never really gotten a chance to explore Times Square Rockefeller Center. Never walked across the Brooklyn bridge and keep you there's opportunities right here because mess around with time to. We can show you things that were a long time ago or may never be so we've got a what not they native American village down there right by the foot of the Manhattan Bridge. Are also showing you would design for residential tower that's been considered but not approved so we want to show you a whole bunch of stuff. I'm really blown away by you know that in New York. The attractions obviously I'm very from they would have been living in the city and I love everything is so perfectly matched to. Well we see as we drive it around the city and I'm living it. You know for us here as we interpreted new York and want to think about what New York was. New York exists in the first five stories from justice Moore walking around the street data day. We don't really see above five stories we want to make sure we got those a 100% right. And then as the buildings rise up we become this amazing city of light a little anonymous but beautiful and sort of wrapping themselves around us. Which places or include it and they attract. I'm a native new Yorker so it had to be real or I can point and everything and tell you love it. But on the you know it was an editing thing we want to think about what was really gonna say iconic new York and things like Grand Central Terminal. Things like the Chrysler Building the resort island tram were critically important to us and we went through in. You we really have to edit. Air as we can point out because as he walked through mind you point out something that was a very cool at Grand Central Terminal here. That's right so which have New York without having Grand Central Terminal. And just onto an amazing loving level of detail on I don't know if you can get Nancy do we even to on the frescoes on the ceiling so it is a Grand Central Terminal experience. With the concourse beneath that and we'll have the MTA and 456 train running right underneath that if. When bitten split in the city. Ideally it means to point out that there's a little box of cars it we just won't buy it. Little box of people as they can to ads in these attacks banks and those. Everywhere speaking through the future those are actually very fancy import taxes so I'm hoping that we sent a note to the mayor about those. It. That isn't it probably have but you know that every move down here. That moving. It Guggenheim Museum all lit up all of our models have a great LED lighting system in here so we're testing out with green. We've got that beautiful details of the Guggenheim Museum we've got the New York Public Library main branch over there. And David you could even catch our version of a parade going around. That famous Thanksgiving neighboring. I've I've I've heard about it's I've heard about that it's our take on it of course are a little characters marching around but you know. And that's the stuff that we are seeing in the control room before when we saw those tests going on he was tracking was happening right there. I'm you have the library. Then the post office there. Because most of its library library without people because often see that's exactly has depicted with anybody. Outside. Nine. That's right when the weather's gorgeous people are out no doubt that the library in Bryant Park. And you once once were out of being in construction you'll see people everywhere and cars ever were and you really get to feel the life in the street life of New York City. Am I love that the conceptual work is standing there in the middle of the exhibit. Because it shows that kind of gives you a good idea of the scale of the models of what we're seeing. Because. Every. Everything is. But people are released mom let them the building and the that excitement three. During their enormous so at this scale that we're work. Hands called HO scales 11 inch equals 87 inches and our 81 ancient art world equals 87 inches in the real world. You know over normal size human beings on average height. Is about records of an inch half and anti. And so we've got these little people but when you begin to realize how big these buildings are that we built so you look at Rockefeller Center Chrysler Building. And you realize you know how small we aren't comparison to this and how you close we are in relationship to each other and everybody went out and then. So soft weak open for previews on April 4 and 144 street between seventh avenue and eighth avenue. And then our grand openings on May ninth and we've got special offers running for that preview periods of people wanna come down serves you or up to. It's a great way to experience or occupancy the model makers working on its anti. My manager in New York going to. Be in New York soon he's definitely Emmett a plant to check it out that since Clinton speak to you thank you where this thing like what's thank you thank you have by the.

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