Rediscover Self In Arizona At Miraval

Top mountainside retreat that feels like your own private getaway.
8:38 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Rediscover Self In Arizona At Miraval
And. Welcome to travel now I'm Karen -- on this show we're taking you to -- top rated destination resort. Beautiful resort in -- Tucson Arizona doesn't look like I'm at a spot. And that's the whole point of this amazing property because of course there's -- spot. It's also about these really cool activities and this one here is called us wing and a prayer -- show -- why they say prayer and check this out. -- -- executive -- chat Wednesday for -- -- here's an amazing I can't believe it's healthy to so how do you do that. Thank you well let's actually our goal is that the healthy part of this kind of an -- -- for our guests within your food so you're really for us the importance. Health is Paramount. But we want to go up our guest is just really delicious food that also happens to be -- The same time. Change your music board so many choices exactly -- -- -- changes every day and you know we have a wide variety of things which we've really. Enjoyed creating new and different things that are -- very much. A lot of us get so excited to address which also coming -- what we provide the recipes on our website with her or resorts dot com but were also working on -- cookbook. I'm really excited about that we'll until then. You can listen to some people home if they haven't had a chance to -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- can -- make -- -- Absolutely so there's a lot of different really easy cooking techniques that you can change -- you make food healthier without -- really noticing you've done anything to it. So I brought a few things out with this today. Probably the easiest way to cut down on calories. Without even noticing that you've done anything it's -- -- him on the fact -- your editing here through especially when you're softening things like that. So this spray bottle which you know not the prettiest thing in world. But very functional so when you saw today. As long as you get your hand properly preheated so -- that -- and he had to do the pan. Really all you need is just enough oil to lightly coat the bottom of the hand in this is that plan would call -- the mirror ball land this is about three part -- oil on one part extra virgin olive oil they get that great extra virginal -- flavor. This is tofu one thing we are really love about it is that it's it provides great texture and really easy to make it's like anything else whether they agree or sweet so for instance with a soft folks who like this might use that to replace egg -- and all -- -- when making a Caesar dressing. -- that of 300 calories. We get twenty calories but all the flavor -- Caesar -- roasting different fruits and vegetables is a really really easy way to. Increased flavor and texture without -- any additional fat. And by roast in those those -- -- -- -- really just the very rich flavor and texture thing I -- deeper in -- more complex RQ. Exactly and it's beautiful as well. So vegetable stock this is this is a huge thing here so we -- vegetable stock for most of our soups. But we also use this to reduce about 90% of the -- -- our traditional and rats you know -- normally would take. Three parts -- one part of vinegar and make addressing. That was 15050. Calories so we stick and vegetable stock with cornstarch in delegates to the consistency of animal testified -- addressing in and we. But it into the dressing with -- and herbs and other aromatic. And replace about 90% of -- all oil that would normally be going in there so. Now art direction for 45 to fifty calories and that have been triple digits and you can't -- different before -- -- -- that might typically have heavy cream and it. We will actually let's -- for a butternut squash soup. Will cut out all the heavy cream normally don't that add extra butternut squash that's been -- -- -- for the body. And and -- a little rice mills were -- -- no insulin no. To give account that texture that's what this is right -- that you can. Exactly so are brought out some unsweetened our speakers cocoa here and we use this in lot of different dishes to really laid down he rich chocolate flavor without all saturated -- commonly associated with chocolate. An animal finished up a dish with a little bit of real chocolate. The comment -- those flavors together we've laid out about 80% of the flavor right here with -- and beard or calories and no future. Use in a micro planes -- is one of the easiest things you can literally punch up flavors. -- Rightfully orders in the real zip to your dish just with a simple passover lamb -- -- -- orange. On top but this this is really going to operate flavors of slippery you haven't had a lot more fault -- you actually have. Or you know if we let them one last -- -- with little but it that is really going to. Right thing. Thank you so much that this is gonna help us have healthier and you know less calories and it's still tasted the -- here is amazing thank you very much thank you. Here now with Michael Tomkins he has the general manager and president have mirror ball. Explain to me the whole concept. Here. On -- of -- as a destination. Resorts and spa located in the base of the Catalina mountains in Tucson Arizona. It's a place where people come for vacation -- they come for fun. And they come and discover things about them that maybe they weren't planning in a typical trip and so. It's an unraveling. Cells and sort of finding you at the base -- -- all. We're barrage to every day with tons of information whether he's itself on the -- very -- -- -- soccer among the jobs all of the different things that make it impossible for us to turn off the outside world. And when you have all of these things that are you know coming at you you very rarely have the time to stop and grieve and be who you Lar. And oftentimes you lose yourself in all of that calamity. And so when you come through the gates here -- -- it. As our guests will often say. It's in -- way assist in the desert and it gives you the opportunity to. Find yourself again to learn about how you react with other people -- how you reacted and things in your life. And to appreciate. Who UR's -- person. Here that it's all right now -- missing person. That's true we have nearly 500 acres here. And because we about the state land here at the base of the Catalina mountains essentially are -- -- is all ours and it makes it seem as if you're the only one here I have to talk about this. So -- -- -- different than any others on the world and I can say that with all confidence because I've been in this industry for over twenty years here -- -- we allow our provider to. Practice and interpret their type of healing modality -- the way that they want to. And because of that we have become the leader in the industry especially around our fusion services. And all of these modalities combined. A variety of different techniques to get you to relax -- well being. And so it's not just to massage can be a massage and acupuncture and -- It could be the previous April therapy and a ties stretched there's a number of different modalities that are all working together to sort of get you to that place. But what we found is its regular spot service such as Swedish massage he would get and another facility. You come out of that service feeling like show -- sort of in this cloud of lists and that will. Typically lasts two to three hours the -- services that we've created here where -- Normally lasts two to three days following the service and so you're on -- cloud for an extended period of time when you combine it with. The classes and activities that we have going on here it really makes for one of a kind experience. Mirror Obama has always been about mind body and spirit I think it's one place in this country that you can get all -- that 101. All of us at ABC travel now thanks for joining us. Until next time -- problem.

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{"id":15404918,"title":"Rediscover Self In Arizona At Miraval","duration":"8:38","description":"Top mountainside retreat that feels like your own private getaway.","url":"/Travel/video/rediscover-arizona-miraval-15404918","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}