Texas Boy, 1, Finds Gun in Rental Car

Jaymie Bates found her son playing with the 9mm pistol in the backseat of her rental car.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Boy, 1, Finds Gun in Rental Car
When Jeanine -- son Matthew left enterprise rental car in long -- The farthest thing from her mind with -- getting his little -- and on a pistol. That home. They get everything you know people fine you know my -- and Smart step by the popcorn that can. Came back ten car and my son lives in a back seat plane went up -- A terrifying image this. That was a little little. The bag that the -- is an -- sitting right here she immediately took the gun from Matthew and went straight back to enterprise for the manager contacted the police. The bottom line is that I want Nero was -- with a pistol could've gone off anything at that have been burying my son you know sound. Realism Lebanon do we think. According in the police report that gun Mathew found wasn't the only one left sitting in enterprise rental car that day. The manager told officers -- found another gun in a different car on the lot. Why then any -- had just want to tell everybody hey you know -- enterprises not doing their job you know as a company -- -- -- vehicles for -- -- Maybe passes people we need to just -- behind and and Dublin today. Enterprises corporate office told us the safety of their customers is their top priority. On return of each vehicle their procedures to clean everything including checking under seats in the glove compartment in the center console into indoor compartment. They say they're investigating what went wrong and this particular case and we'll revisit with all of their service agent the proper procedure to make sure this doesn't happen again. They add that they are very sorry this happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's OK we expect Boston -- so. -- prayer and you know just be more careful next fat and no I definitely will be more careful and aware of everything you know as far as running apartment of. In Longview Miller -- Cahill TV 7 NEWS.

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{"id":17338509,"title":"Texas Boy, 1, Finds Gun in Rental Car","duration":"3:00","description":"Jaymie Bates found her son playing with the 9mm pistol in the backseat of her rental car.","url":"/Travel/video/texas-boy-finds-gun-in-rental-car-17338509","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}