Texas Missionary Couple Murdered in Mexico

John and Wanda Casias were fatally attacked during a home invasion.
1:25 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Missionary Couple Murdered in Mexico
Just unbelievable the missionaries had strong ties to this church right here in Baghdad spent years -- here. Talking about their loved the people of Mexico. John and wanted to sees is bodies were found yesterday afternoon. Someone broke into their home drug came outside and killed him. Then went back inside to kill her. Jiaka -- first learned about his parents' murders last night I was. Wrenching heart rate -- just tore me apart. -- murders are part of an apparent robbery. As safe and electronics are missing from the couple's home and all the surveillance cameras were disabled. Their love for the Mexican people and love for god pushed them to serve. Despite the danger. -- was so bad. That they had driven the police. There was no please. Force there. The couple's son said his parents -- -- of at least five murders a week in their community. But they pushed forward because they believe a soul goes to hell if it's not saved in this life that he loved. Baptized in the rivers that are they -- many people and build at least four churches it's their legacy now marked with their own lives. There's no doubt that a -- be remembered as martyrs I mean they've lived forgot they died in there. You know on the battlefield for god. The independent Baptist Church -- shipping John and want -- bodies back to -- Texas for the funeral.

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{"id":15498459,"title":"Texas Missionary Couple Murdered in Mexico","duration":"1:25","description":"John and Wanda Casias were fatally attacked during a home invasion.","url":"/Travel/video/texas-missionary-couple-murdered-in-mexico-15498459","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}