Tips for Traveling With Children

Learn the rules and regulations you need to know when flying with kids.
6:12 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Tips for Traveling With Children
It's holiday travel season and if you're playing a fly -- children and you are dreading it like I am. Many airlines aren't as accommodating as they used to be for families in nightmare stories abound so we brought in Liz -- -- right the editor of the blog travel lot she's gonna share some tips. Liz thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having me so we know that kids under two travel for at my jump right into this do parents with kids under -- -- they need to let the airline know in advance of -- traveling with a lap child. Oh absolutely. You can't just show up with your child especially. -- -- -- -- -- It -- enough oxygen masks in. OK and you need to bring proof of your child's age to prove that -- under -- Oh definitely she brings child's birth certificate to you don't encounter any problems. Because you know. It's pretty easy to talent that at new -- is under TU but you know once the child is in over a year it's difficult for -- to -- And you just don't want encounter any problems and you want to get that free fair. Rain and -- copy of -- it's advocates a good idea what happens if your child turns to do while your way. Well still on in order to qualify. For the free fair when he -- as a child. You need to -- -- For both the Al am flight. Inbound flight -- and that's. If your child has a birthday -- -- on vacation. You want me to paint for the flight going back still do you wanted to back in advance when your looking all your other reservations because you certainly don't wanna get stock. Purchasing a last minute. -- airport and maybe theory and you actually think that if you if you can afford it it's a good idea actually buy your child seat of their over wine. Oh absolutely on first ball that's the safest -- -- fly. Because in your child is properly restrained. -- -- -- -- -- begins you can't sit in the seat do you need to bring your bring the car seat in their properly restrained. On for takeoff landing and during turbulence. Also on their car seat is familiar to -- and -- a good chance that -- sleet. Doing some portion of the flight it's especially important if you're taking on an overnight flight. There's an excellent chance of Amy -- for the majority. Of that of the red eye flight and that's a beautiful thing are out that's fine and let's I'm actually boarding the flight you know used to be families traveling with children always got to -- first at -- and that much anymore as it. No that's not too distant memory for most air lines. You're most likely to board at least -- after first class and an after members of the frequent flier program. But you know. You look at it as a bad thing -- children have a lot more room to move around in the heat -- -- and the whale you know once they're -- On senate's turn not that you can take up to forty minutes for a full 737 to board. So you know beating boarding fifteen minutes into -- -- is and so back. That's a good point and actually don't -- -- want your kid in the plane early. You know when that happens these days -- is that seats are not necessarily a sign. When you buy the tickets and what do you do if you get to the airport and -- seats have been split up your six year old child is in the back of the plane. UN daddy air up in the front of the plane what do you -- -- Beg and plead your case sent that's what eats you up you know even you -- when you book your tickets online. If he can't. You know if you -- nineteenth together. Follow up and call immediately. After you -- online transaction. And explain your family and it's important to you travel together. The -- you do it the greater chance that he'll have seats together now what you -- running TU. Is whether or not going to have to pay extra to sit together in the sense that you know a lot of -- are now -- on and they had. Added -- -- for example with jet Lee own teeth that are last -- extra leg room. -- you're gonna have to make the decision. On the -- you have to sort of way your children's -- is how long the flight is an -- that. I mean of course you can't have two parents and the child he was separated and sitting alone. But -- he -- You know if -- can be a parent child and another parent in the back or something shore -- important thing is call in advance and find out what each airline's policy is okay what -- backed her family's given more -- I would carry -- for example. Tend to be you know occasionally UP you know get on an airline it's a real stickler for -- But you are allowed to bring a diaper back in addition to your usual carry fat -- partly wanna get to this question because we've heard stories here about airlines. Refusing to provide parents with extra milk. For their babies. Is this happens often and how do you prevent this. First of -- not relying on airline had anything for your child worked for years. Bring the milk. And bring bottled water you're bringing powdered formula on bring anything they feel that your child -- want to eat. Eat or drink on the flights and -- -- Run into that prop one. -- -- -- -- So you can -- your milk for your formula or your breast milk for any other perishables. Cold by requesting a few cups of ice on -- pouring ice in teen. That air sick -- The police find in the back of your so yeah. Make sure it's it's a clean air sick bag that yellen is you know maybe -- any -- or anything like that. -- -- we did that for a recent flight from Portugal to new York and -- -- on the formula bottle theory cult that's -- re not. Which is fantastic that's that's it really get things that air bags double -- as ice packs Liz -- -- right. And travel a lot -- so much for some great information. Thanks for having me.

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{"id":14998656,"title":"Tips for Traveling With Children","duration":"6:12","description":"Learn the rules and regulations you need to know when flying with kids. ","url":"/Travel/video/tips-parents-traveling-children-plane-14998656","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}