Tourist Adventures in Chiang Mai

Travel to the mountain community in Thailand with an abundance of culture.
7:45 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for Tourist Adventures in Chiang Mai
Writing an elephant is on your bucket list or you're looking to channel your inner Huckleberry Finn cracking down -- Exotic markets -- your -- water and ancient Asian architecture inspires you. Try heading up to the mountains in northern Thailand to the century's old city of -- not. Where the magic comes and all the different kinds of memories you can make. One of the great things about staying in Chiang -- is that there are so many unique things you can do. Whether you wanna chill out at a world class -- go on an adventure with elephants are take at Thai cooking class this area has the doll. Let's start with the elephants because these animals are about as cool as it gets there are several elephant camps near -- mind with one of the most popular called -- doubt. Here you can keep the elephants and then watch -- -- a lot different tricks in the river. For a finale you can go on -- Howard half ride. It's a little tricky if you want to take pictures. Because the elephants are lined up one by one trying to navigate down narrow river bed so it often is a bumpy trip. Just be sure to hold onto your camera and your seat. One of the stops to make along the way -- to a small village where people from the hill tribe called the -- to. Have handmade colorful crafts for sale. One -- the most really parts of the track comes when the elephants waits on the key into the pima river. And you can see the rushing water just inches below -- dangling feet. The cost for these unique adventure only about forty dollars a person. If you're looking for a more be -- -- river ride. You can try bamboo river rafting where your guide uses a giant bamboo apples to help you keep your way slowly down the river. You'll -- beautiful countryside in traditional kind -- and this trip is about as peaceful as it -- Another Chiang -- colorful stop is to visit one of the city's largest -- farms showcasing hundreds of different kinds of these exotic flowers. Thailand has more than 1000. Different kinds of orchids. And stop here gives you a taste for some of the different varieties that are exported throughout the world old. But perhaps the most famous spot to visit in all of Chiang -- and the most beloved by the Thai people. Is -- -- temple perched high above the city about ten miles from the city center. Legend had -- the site was chosen by an elephant in the thirteen hundreds -- started up the steep mountain and stopped here. Now today you can take a quick trolley to the top. -- climbed the almost 300 stairs. Where along the way you'll likely see adorable children from one of the -- tribes like this little girl named pancake. Who will pose with the -- smiley and hoping for some small change. And at the temples you'll find people crane burning candles and incense. Making the traditional offering of Lotus flowers. And being blast by resident -- for top places to stay in -- -- there are two standouts. The exotic in ornate Mandarin oriental is near the heart of the city. Between 123. Luxury villas residences and colonial suites. Many of the villains have spacious two story terraces with hot tubs -- plunge -- overlooking rice fields. Whether you want to relax at one of the pools and an active -- Thai Thai style. -- try your hand learning how to make some -- with -- At the Mandarin oriental its home without letting yourself experience authentic Thai traditions. Going to the award winning spot at the Mandarin makes you feel like -- royalty. And the stunning architecture at the spot and to help the property is inspired by the historic -- teamed up. That influenced this region for more than 300 years you see the influence of architecture and very collected and stunning -- you never ever seen any there. Country in -- -- about twenty minutes outside of Chiang -- you'll find the legendary four seasons resort. A top rated luxury property that first -- in 1995. And help put this destination on the map. The service here is impeccable and genuine. The architectures inspired by ancient northern Thailand temples. You can stay in -- pavilions pool villas and private residences. That are discreetly tucked away in a lush landscape covering more than twenty acres. It's centered around a working rice farm. There are several courts a swimming pools with -- in many people just inches away from -- rice field. Walking around this property you feel like -- stepped -- in time. Part of the beauty is in the simplicity. And -- loving attention to -- -- Highlighted by unique pieces of artwork you'll find out how to resume work. If there's one thing you don't want to miss here. It's visit -- the four seasons Spock it's a world renowned queen just about every single award periods. With unique treatments and products -- that are inspired by the Thai culture. You quickly find what makes the real difference is how the therapists treat you with such care and kindness. So it's -- is there the portrait never in the same time they weren't from the heart. And it being transferred from the -- that they where -- they get by him when you perked up an appetite there are several top restaurants on the property you can try. And if you've always wanted to learn how to make Thai food. Head here to the four seasons special cooking school -- the cooking facilities are about as impressive as it cats. But before you put on -- -- All the cooking classes start with a fascinating early morning trip to the local market because the first lesson you learn in -- -- Is that it's all about fresh ingredients and that means making a trip to the market every single day. Your senses come alive as soon as you enter the market because you're surrounded by everything from. Fresh produce and colorful peppers to sticky rice curry paste and light catfish and even frogs. If you love red meat this is the place to come. And for dessert you can pick up fresh pastries for around twenty -- like this favorite called. -- -- a combination of layered price flower coconut milk and sugar. First thing in the morning near the market is also when you can see the local monks from the temples out gathering food donations. If you're lucky like I was you'll be able to offer among some food and taking part in age from. Tradition. Back at the four seasons cooking school -- -- the rest of the morning learning how to whip up different type dishes like spicy class noodle salad. Fried rice and steamed -- fish. Your menu depends on the -- you signed up for and I hit. First you watch the master -- Then you make or try to make the exact same thing. So at the end of the culinary adventure you're actually eating everything you -- south. And you have recipes and cooking tips you can take home with you. Along with all your other special memories you've made in -- -- ABC news now I'm Terence Taylor until next time safe travels.

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{"id":15228405,"title":"Tourist Adventures in Chiang Mai","duration":"7:45","description":"Travel to the mountain community in Thailand with an abundance of culture. ","url":"/Travel/video/tourist-adventures-chiang-mai-thailand-mountain-community-culture-travel-15228405","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}