Travel to the City of Possibility

Discover a better way of life in Louisville, Kentucky.
7:08 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Travel to the City of Possibility
-- Welcome to travel now I'm Terry Taylor on his. Ability. Kentucky Derby at home to an inspiring culinary field. Restaurant spoke on. Inside and -- to the -- about what you. And I'm here with I Dvoracek -- he is as we -- one of the farmers and when the owners at harvest restaurant. Explain -- -- farm to table concept you have here. Well what our focus really uses are seasonal foods so we don't make up a menu based on whatever. -- large predators are. Read or any other distribution company has its what is available on the farms locally. And the -- regularly works with. Those farmers and we sort of figure that out year -- year and season season. What's the one thing you want people knowing they just citing restaurant she gets immediately felt like I'm here what's unique here. Well I think we're. More seasonal and more local than any other place -- something's really off limits. We don't have a dish that's a secretive -- You know it just happens to be on the -- we've decided not to do that that we can forget -- -- source local agriculture products. So. We're we're not so pure that -- you won't have chocolate or coffee or whatever but they're there won't be any main issues principal ingredient as something other than. Hear from here so it's really celebration of things that we have locally so. I think people you know can -- with stranded when. Go somewhere else -- other things that end up with something that's just not as good authentic experience and coming if you really want find fresh and it's a process. And I think. As well last you know serving a really great and delicious plate. If the restaurant can sort of raise the visibility. The local food movement we'd be really really -- about. For more on the culinary scene and -- not to miss Kimberly bell. We have narrative -- and thank you so much for being with us today thank you can read that there are more than -- 150 attractions and most of them are unique to -- now how is that possible. An innings possibly care education and Natalie actually possibility -- so you can come -- -- -- you can look at fine arts and cultural attractions in and a lot of our fantastic independent restaurant tell some restaurants that we should hit specifically but that's -- -- Frankfort avenue -- and that a lot of great teams Jack Fries and each day Avalon and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and signatures are. Culture which is kind of fusion we are much like -- geography between the north and south -- a lot of international fair taste of the true melting -- the plate in the mind he could be some other restaurants -- -- kind of you know searching for something different name off a few of your. My cafes great want to try I -- a big fan of -- -- Lilly is as lovely you really can how about -- here I would recommend eating as much hand finishing off with a nice urban and death of Lisa. Let's talk about that -- and everywhere I got -- -- -- hear about -- an even understand you have a special two hour trail. We did we have the urban urban trail and that while taking ET fourteen different stops that specialize -- burn injuries and we're very fond of -- partial. It breaks it up says -- -- -- you all fourteen once -- fourth and some might need all -- bars and gold seal -- Urban speedster we'll take you through the city in -- -- -- tour as well as. Some fantastic but it looked about -- about fifteen different little sub communities -- -- streets that you don't. We have 400 -- actually connecting and -- -- -- miles -- bike and walking -- that you can. Walk their entire city making it. A great way to really experience are great -- here as well. And his umbilical bike racks that are actually pieces of art and we're very active community we like to get our citizens as much as McCain's. Talk about -- -- that there's this new adorable edition. We've got a great polar bear at is it and he is spectacular it's a great place for the kids and even more for the -- -- to get out there and taken in on a good day. Understand a lot going on culturally it's flat and the city with arts and performance at the table Kentucky center for the arts and has -- little -- -- and local orchestra and have staged one -- expert children's performing arts. Actors theater has. Plus our performance -- -- you can see just about anything there and -- -- Humana festival of -- plays. That's a big drop the city. To -- park kids. This -- really -- -- you can anything. Run again now exports the pretty happy if there's this whole Mohammed Hamid an action here we did the -- this morning and we had his center which is right downtown. Churchill to hunt is always a fan favorite -- looking for golf Ryder -- and played there of course PGA tournaments. The willful -- -- baseball team we just got any lacrosse team Kentucky stick arsonists and you can you can swing just about anything here and hit your mark. And and when it comes to getting around seeing all these attractions mentioned at the trolleys and we did the little Tyson's you'll see stops all along the main thoroughfares to great late pop up -- downtown streets. We're very -- city but sometimes you want to get -- arrest and just take the scenic -- -- for people asking your friends -- come to town with one or two things that they relation there times when it. I'm guessing at the derby museum I think even if you can't be here for that greatest -- -- -- sports you can still see again across state amazing screens there and get a good -- derby history. The urban trail is quintessential -- in need to have just a -- is set to diet and disease a great place like that he can get -- -- makes me. Taken some of our wonderful they had and he'll be -- to -- performances or nightlife music -- going on to keep -- keep interested way into the evening. And -- heart of Louisville and the hot spots just talk to the locals. -- -- they'll let go and take them east market street. -- -- And I love to have you can announcer yelling give you very fascinated with a discount electric -- -- part of the circuit. -- -- -- -- -- -- We've -- around a thousand people on -- come through here and I thank you. Are you looking for a chocolate a treat I America -- as acting out over the salad or. And at the Pacific market. I have met Jamie with -- -- foods located in distort what the town market. -- global good to see only soy sauce microbrewery and -- -- -- -- -- -- There's so much to see Indian air -- hope you enjoyed this look at Lillie Belle and from all of us at ABC travel now. Thanks for joining us until next time safe travels.

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{"id":15198917,"title":"Travel to the City of Possibility","duration":"7:08","description":"Discover a better way of life in Louisville, Kentucky.","url":"/Travel/video/travel-city-possibility-15198917","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}