AP PHOTOS: Honduran boy, mom fly after border detention

HARLINGEN, Texas -- Wearing a Superman zip-up hoodie, the 5-year-old Honduran boy looked out the airplane window, pointing at the sky in seeming disbelief that such a large craft was reaching the clouds.

Now they were on a flight from Harlingen, Texas, to Houston, then on to a connecting flight to Baltimore, where her brother's family lives.

“It's been 14 years,” she said. She was just 14 when her brother left Honduras.

Her brother, Marco Ramirez, and other family members were waiting for them in Baltimore. As Yancarlos got onto the moving walkway at the airport, he grabbed the handrail, amazed it was also moving.

“I have never seen this before,” he said as he bent over to put his hands on the floor's moving grooved surface.

“Thank God she is here. It's a long journey, full of barriers," said Marco Ramirez. “I am happy because now we have them here, at home."