FAA aims to fine disruptive air passengers up to $31,750

Federal officials keep seeing cases of airline passengers getting into confrontations with flight attendants or other passengers

They mark the latest in a series of civil penalties sought by FAA since the agency announced a “zero-tolerance” policy against disruptive air travelers.

Each of the latest incidents involved alcohol.

The FAA is seeking a $16,750 penalty against another passenger on the same flight, saying he too was drinking alcohol he had brought on board, shouted obscenities, and “made motions to strike a flight attendant." Police escorted him off the plane in Boston.

The agency is a $14,500 fine against a man on a Jan. 14 SkyWest flight from Yuma, Arizona, to Dallas-Fort Worth. The FAA said he drank “multiple” mini bottles of his own alcohol and bothered other passengers. Flight attendants moved him, but he left his seat, at one point starting toward the front of the plane.

Two off-duty law enforcement officers wrestled the man back into his seat, then sat in the row behind him, the FAA said. The captain asked police to meet the plane at the gate.

The passengers have 30 days to respond to FAA enforcement letters.