Yellow vest protests land at Paris airport in 25th week

Anti-government protesters marched in France for a 25th straight week but in significantly smaller numbers

Several dozen people demonstrated at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport to denounce privatization plans. Protests were also held in Paris and other cities around France, including Nice, Marseille and Lyon, where environmentalists and yellow vest protesters joined forces.

The Interior Ministry counted a total of 2,600 participants at three events in Paris and 18,900 in all of France, a low for Saturday protest marches, according to French media reports.

Security was visibly lighter than on Wednesday, when French officials deployed 7,400 officers from around the country to police the annual May Day march organized by labor unions.

During that march, clusters of protesters wearing masks and hoods set trash bin fires, vandalized property and threw rocks at riot police, who responded with tear gas, rubber projectiles and stun grenades.

It quickly expanded to encompass a range of economic issues and policies of French President Emmanuel Macron that were seen as favoring the rich.

Macron responded last month with measures that included tax cuts for middle class workers and plans to close France's elite school for top civil servants, while defending his pro-business policies.